How Alexander Technique Can Help With Addiction

Throughout my life, I’ve said things to myself such as, “I’ve got to have X or I’ll be unhappy.” I’ve been compulsive. I’ve needed to fill the hole in my soul with some emotional high.

Twelve-step programs are great for tackling addiction but so is the Alexander Technique. I don’t know of any Alexander teachers who are addicts. We tend to be a poised bunch. Alcoholism and drug abuse is almost unknown among us.

When I go to 12-step meetings, I can tell by the body language who’s in the throes of addiction and who’s in recovery. People locked into destructive behaviors are overwhelmingly slumped, pulled down, with tight compressed necks and an appearance of carrying heavy weights.

Those in recovery tend to be light and up.

I can see how being sunk into your body and locked into bad habits of use will make your life so miserable that you just start jonesing for a fix.

As most people get older, the tasks of daily life become increasingly difficult. So they look for ways out, for remedies and fixes such as drugs or alcohol.

A more healthy alternative is to learn to use yourself gracefully so the tasks of daily life are a snap and you feel happy in your body, in your use, and in your life.

It’s hard to be happy in your soul when your body is falling apart.

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