Working With The Rabbis

Many Orthodox rabbis strain their voices trying to project across a noisy room on the Sabbath. The Orthodox do not use microphones on Shabbat.

Many rabbis end up hoarse. Some lose their voices completely. And this strain is unnecessary. It is a function of a tight and compressed neck. As the rabbi strains to project his voice, he inevitably tightens his neck, tips his head back, thus compressing his neck and his spine, diminishing his musculature, making everything tight, and it is no wonder that this destroys the voice.

If I can get the rabbis to start taking Alexander Technique lessons, then I can wake up other Orthodox Jews from their destructive muscular holding patterns and I can turn around an entire community so that they move with more ease and perform the tasks of daily life with joy.

So far no rabbi has taken me up on my offers to help.

Most people are reluctant to examine their habits. They’d rather do something than learn to undo something unproductive.

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