Hanging Out On Facebook With Ex-Seventh-Day Adventists

I am having a rocking time on this ex-Seventh Day Adventist FB group: XSDAs@groups.facebook.com I’ve reconnected with some old friends from Avondale days (NSW, Australia, prior to my moving to CA in 1977).

I like it in Orthodox Judaism. It is far more intense, far more fiery than Adventism, far more demanding, far more rules… When I step on to an Adventist college campus (every few years), I often think, ok, what are the differences between these two groups I know so well.

One group is obsessed with this life, the other with the next life. One group is hyper successful and influential in this world, the other group is virtually invisible. One group values learning and the other group thinks it values learning. One group has its own nation-state. One group drinks and smokes and eats meat and values enjoying this life while the other group tends more towards ascetism and other worldly spirituality.

Adventists tend to be nicer and quieter. Jews tend to be more blunt and direct. Adventists rarely swear, Jews often do. Adventists want to make converts, Jews do not. Adventists argue over theology, Jews argue over law. Jews live overwhelmingly in affluent parts of cities and Adventists in poor country areas.

One group does what it can to keep you out. One group tries to pull you in. One group tends to be rich and one group tends to primarily attract the poor and when its members become affluent, they tend to leave.

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