Rick Perry Looks And Sounds Like A Defeated Man

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “During the debate last night, Rick Perry looked and sounded like a defeated man. It’s hard to imagine the American people electing him president. At this time, it looks like Herman Cain and Mitt Romney. Every time I see Romney on a debate, he looks and sounds presidential.”

“Herman Cain is a dyed in the wool conservative. Nobody doubts it. And he has the cheerfulness and playfulness of Ronald Reagen. There’s no anger or bitterness. He’s funny and bright.”

“I was not ahead of the curve. I didn’t even know why he was up there.”

Tracy calls from Texas. She says a candidate’s religion does matter. His theology does matter. And that Mormons have different beliefs than Christians.

Dennis: “What values a Mormon would bring to office that you don’t share?”

Tracy can’t think of any.

Dennis: “Mormonism shares the same values as Christianity. Theology is theology and values are values. Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin did not believe in traditional Christian theology but they were profoundly Bible-centered human beings.”

“Ben Franklin did not believe in the Trinity but he believed that God judges you after you die.”

Dennis says Mitt Romney does better with each debate though it is hard to believe that he’s really a conservative. Also, his Romneycare in Massachusetts served as the blueprint for Obamacare.

Dennis says Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan does not have a chance of passing. Also, Cain has no political experience.


Dennis Prager: If you want a Reagan-like candidate, Herman Cain is your man

Just heard him say it last hour on his radio show (one of the most listened to conservative talks shows in america). He hasn’t endorsed Cain yet, nor anyone. He also said Romney sounded the most presidential in the debate. He’s not anti-Romney by any means. Problem is, he doesn’t think Romney is animated by conservative values. He thinks Romney’s main drive come from his desire to solve financial problems, not values per se.

Sounds like Dennis is breaking toward Cain. That after admitting that until very recently he barely noticed the man. Says Cain is a solid conservative and no one doubts it, and could be great for the country if elected. Loves Cain’s personality. Cheerful, happy. He also likes the 999 plan as I do. But the Reagan comparison was intriguing.

My point in posting this is, this is what i’ve recently experienced. The guy wasn’t even on my radar until very recently. Several callers then called expressing the very same thing, that just very recently they started noticing him. I’m tell’n ya, somethings happening, here.

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