My Sex Addiction Talk At The BINA Salon

Sept. 14, 2011:

I dated Hayley Rivers for a couple of months in 2004 after she left the industry. If you look past my fake grin, you can see the horror of sex addiction in my eyes.

My friend Crystal Klein, Pet of the Month, sits on my lap at my 40th birthday party (2006) at Holly Randall’s place. Underneath my forced smile, you can see the pain in my eyes.

Economic conditions and terrorism : debunking misconceptions – Prof. Claude Berrebi

A whole decade after 9/11, all too many still have only a vague idea of what does — and doesn’t — motivate terrorists and/or increase the threat of terrorism. It doesn’t help that many politicians exploit the anxiety that terrorism evokes to promote their own agendas. In this talk I will debunk myths and common misconceptions and will expose the true…

12-Step Programs For Sex Addiction – Luke Ford
Sex and love addicts tend to have few healthy boundaries. They get quickly attached to people without really knowing them, and then they get disappointed when the fantasy love object fails to live up to their dreams.

The Selling Advantage – Donna Kreisler
Ever wonder what makes some people so successful? Come prepared to learn how to sell your ideas to anyone and everyone. Learn the keys that will help you open the doors that you want. We will discuss how to develop customer relationships that create repeat business and raving fans. Because how you talk to your prospect, how you present yourself, and how you relate…

What zombie movies are really about – Lior Chefetz
From the first 1932 Zombie film WHITE ZOMBIE to the iconic zombies in George Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, zombies never stopped fascinating moviegoers, as they reflected each generation’s subconscious fears and terrors. From the Civil Right Movement the 60’s, American consumerism in the 70’s, and the virus-infected zombies of the 90…

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