What Happens In An Alexander Lesson?

From a website in the UK:

For the first lesson, if you are in pain then I would work with you on the table. All the ideas of Alexander can be put into practice while the back is supported by the table. We work on freeing the joints of the body, inhibiting habitual responses, understanding directions, encouraging the spine to lengthen and generally allowing an expansion of energy. You will be encouraged to practise this at home each day.

If we work on standing and sitting in the first lesson then the main thing to start with is how do you move? What is your awareness of your body? When you sit down do you pull your head back? When you stand up do you use your hands to lift you up? If you “sit up straight” for some time is this tiring? A lot of people have Alexander lessons because of poor posture. We work on strengthening the back through releasing excess tension and bringing back a spring-like quality, then posture improves. When the primary control is working well standing up and sitting down is effortless.

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