Setting The Bar Too High?

Daniel writes on Failed Messiah: "I am so curious if you have any more info on rabbonim reacting negatively to to the Chafetz Chayim‘s works on shmiras halashon [holy speech]. I have long felt that by setting an impossibly high standard, he caused the area to be abandoned (practically) as a reachable standard."

Here’s my new cam description borrowed from a friend: "He has inspired many, comforted the afflicted, and afflicted the comfortable. He reflects back to people their most gorgeous selves, shares teachings of love, pricks egos, and calls others, by his very being, to truth and integrity. For some YML is a teacher, for others a spiritual friend, for still others a spiritual artist, and for still others a revolutionary catalyst of social change. In the words of one leading feminist, YML combines radical brilliance with a willingness to be vulnerable, and radical kindness with an ability to probe deeply."

From my live cam chat:

guest49:  Instead of being a "moral leader" – a bit of sarcasm that has gotten old – you need to begin captioning yourself as something else.  Why not "Luke Ford, Spiritual Artist?
guest49:  g92 that sounds gay
guest49:  Have you any eggs?
YourMoralLeader:  i know her – she’s all woman
guest92:  yes, some are scrabled
guest49:  More sarcasm?
guest92:  thanks hon….your all man and then some
guest49:  g92, the homosexual is known to be attempting to insinuate himself into this otherwise healthy heterosexual milleau, hence my skepticism
guest92:  49, you get stuck in the rain?
guest49:  Sometimes they go so far as to marry a woman, just to deny another man a chance at heterosexual happiness and thus make him more vulnerable (they falsely suppose) to the blandishments of their gay selves.
guest49:  Rain?
guest92:  its raining men….
guest49:  It’s been like a desert here
guest92:  where’s that?
guest49:  Pahrump, Nevada
guest49:  Where do you live?
guest92:  one hump or 2?
guest92:  yenemsvelt
guest49:  Pahrump is about 60 miles west of Las Vegas.
guest49:  Where is yenemsvelt?
guest92:  where I am
guest49:  Is it in a city with a real name?
guest92:  as real as this chatroom
guest49:  Sounds like you use these chat rooms as fantasy playgrounds for escaping from life
guest92:  whats life?
guest49:  An essential characteristic of the vagina-averse homosexual
guest92:  whats wrong with a little fantasy play?
guest49:  It is boring
guest92:  not with Luke in a mankini its not
guest49:  Andlife is too short for it
guest49:  mankini?
guest92:  wait for the photos.. coming soon
guest49:  Real life is what we live here in Pahrump
guest92:  I’m putting the finish touches (sequins)
guest49:  We live life in the raw.
guest92:  I just live on my rump
guest49:  You could do that here.  Brothels are legal here
guest92:  I didn’t say I allow others on my rump
guest49:  Soon Brother Obama will be POTUS
guest49:  100 days to go
guest49:  Luke, you need to try out Radiohead.
guest92:  i heard they instituted a 4 day work week in nevada?  is this true?
guest49:  Maybe some Coldplay.  Just to let the younguns know you still have a pulse
guest49:  No it is not true
guest49:  Very little regulation here
guest49:  No state income tax
guest49:  Low cost of living, outside of Las Vegas
guest49:  Plenty of culture.
guest92:  heidi i’m comin to find me a man there
guest49:  Many men here.
guest49:  What sort are you pining for whom you might plausibly get?
guest92:  i want a heidi fleiss man without a bird
guest49:  She is simply a media story, nothing more
guest92:  someone who will covet my semi fresh eggs
guest92:  but you will seem to think the chances are as slim as my thighs
guest49:  Luke, why not consider spending part of your year in Pahrump?
guest94:  and leave the hovel?
guest49:  You could get a decently paying gig here that would let you keep your pad in LA and get material for new books
guest49:  He could be a greeter at one of the local hovels
guest94:  meet me  greet me and please me
guest49:  Also, there is rumor that the same Jews who went into Postville, sensing the end there is near, are looking to establish a "glatt kosher" establshment in Pahrump
guest49:  Luke, this is a big opportunity
guest49:  Part of your faith
guest94:  it is a big mitzvah  plus i get paid with tips
guest49:  In fact, Luke, why shouldn’t YOU be the one to open?
guest94:  i will fund this endeavor
guest49:  It would be legal, safe, you have no criminal background to complicate licensure
guest49:  And it would be kosher
guest49:  Sometimes my genius scares me
guest49:  The gentiles won’t know, but the Jews will
guest94:  have a schwarma joint in the back
guest49:  Only kosher food
guest49:  Hang pictures of all the great rabbis on the walls
guest49:  Everyone would be made to wear modest clothes
guest94:  and blintzes cause luke likes em
guest49:  And discuss their yicchus
guest49:  Rabbenim from all over the world would come to visit, and you could have master classes with each of them

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