Alexander Technique Vs Feldenkrais Method

Michael Frederick is primarily an Alexander Technique teacher but he is also certified in the Feldenkrais Method.

He was interviewed June 20 by Alexander teacher Robert Rickover.

Michael: “Alexander Technique is the older discipline. It was born out of the performing arts by an actor who lost his voice.”

“Feldenkrais started in the 1940s when Moshe Feldenkrais hurt his knee doing judo and was told he needed an operation. He declined the operation and looked to see if he could help himself.”

“Alexander Technique is a subtraction of habit patterns in the way we think, feel and move. So that what is left over is good functioning. Alexander Technique is more about undoing.”

“Feldenkrais is subtle doing where the Feldenkrais practitioner guides a person through movement patterns.”

Alexander Technique works from the inside out and Feldenkrais works more from the outside in.

“Alexander Technique is all about in the present moment figuring out, what is it that I don’t need to do?”

“Alexander Technique isn’t about being smart in what to do. It’s about being smart in what not to do.”

Robert: “Feldenkrais has advantages to people who are not able to mobilize their thinking process at the beginning.”

Michael: “Feldenkrais is brilliant physical therapy.”

“Alexander Technique is about watching the inner program of me.”

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