My Video Technique Indicates Advanced Parkinsons

Joe:good. but next time, don’t film the demon in the ceiling
 Luzdedos1:  ok
 Joe:bro, i love you. you know that. but I’m not happy with the video results. i’m worried you may have parkinson’s. You are very very young to have had such a serious stroke. 
 Joe:one word: tripod
 Joe:did you learn nothing from porn????
 Luzdedos1:  k
 Joe:how r u
 Luzdedos1:  moving camera is more interesting
 Joe:not to client
 Luzdedos1:  ok, you?
 Joe:client wants an interrogation, not undercover
 Luzdedos1:  ok
 Joe:this ain’t "News 4: Inside the Brothels of Monterey Park with Min Ho"
 Joe:you’re shaking worse than janet reno with a nectarine in her hand
 Joe:you should have gotten a B12 shot from the doctor before you started filming

From my live cam chat:

guest63:  whats with the beard & long hair?
YourMoralLeader:  lazy
guest63:  I think laziness is un-torah-like
guest63:  what do you do for financial security?
guest63:  do you have a regular job or what
guest63:  I guess you aren’t answering my queries, have a good night!
guest63:  by the way, are you in love with leah kleim?
YourMoralLeader:  not in love
YourMoralLeader:  except she’s a good story
YourMoralLeader:  i blog for a living and have part-time babysitter work
guest63:  do those activities afford you a comfortable life style?
YourMoralLeader:  no
guest63:  do you travel, date and have a significant other?
guest63:  are there many single frum hotties in LA?
guest63:  I recall your previous posts with some really hot looking women on your blog
YourMoralLeader:  there are 100k more single men in LA than single women but some frum hotties IMHO, google…she’s gorgeous
guest64:  do you pole dance or what moral ??
guest64:  very slow strip tease!!  yes?
guest64:  smile contest then  –  you lose?
guest63:  as #64 has noted, why no smiles?
guest63:  sorry about that! a smile!
guest64:  fidel castro !!!
guest64:  nice smile made our day!!!!
guest63:  do you attend shul regularly, which one-orthodox, conserv or other
guest63:  do you know the jewish learning experience rabbi?
guest63:  I think he is a Gerrer chosid
guest64:  a what?
guest64:  cuddly bear
guest63:  a desciple of the Gerrer rabbinic dynasty
guest64:  yeah cuddly bear
guest63:  what caught your fancy?
guest64:  is The US going to start world war 3 rabbi?  And what can we do to stop it? Or are you just yawning bear?
guest64:  I am poet from New Zealand  Brian Evans    protester
TammyYoungblood:  So what do you do all day in front of that computer?
guest64:  stops wars
TammyYoungblood:  Or are you just staring into the void
guest64:  no everyone stops war to watch him
TammyYoungblood:  You should wear glasses with that beard
TammyYoungblood:  And a tall fur hat
TammyYoungblood:  Especially on a hot day
TammyYoungblood:  And while you are at it, why haven’t you turned your van into a Mitzvah Tank?
guest64:  he has a wizard hat on
guest64:  out of site    tall 4ft!!
TammyYoungblood:  You could drive around Pico Robertson, handing out Tam-Tams
TammyYoungblood:  Or throwing keepas to the homies

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