The Jewish Journal – Where Journalists Go To Die

USC professor Marty Kaplan now writes for the Jewish Journal.

Susan Freudenheim came from the Los Angeles Times.

Brad A. Greenberg came from the Los Angeles Daily News.

Bill Boyarsky came from the Los Angeles Times.

So after Rob Eshman (he has a weakness for great resumes) has chewed ’em up — just kidding Rob, you’re the nicest guy I know in journalism — where do they go?

Do they follow in Marc Ballon’s footsteps and become publicists?

Do they follow in Theresa Strasser’s footsteps and marry goyim?

Do they become bloggers?

Do they just kick the bucket?

Howard Blum went to the Jewish Journal from the LA Weekly and then moved to the LA Times.

Anybody who has a job at a newspaper should be grateful while it lasts.

I admit it — I used to hate the Jewish Journal.

When did that change? The day I interviewed Rob Eshman in 2004. I suddenly saw things from his perspective and all my hatred dissolved.

That happens to me a lot. I’ll hate someone. I’ll meet them. I’ll understand. I’ll become calm. Relatively.


I have way too much free floating rage.

At least it can make for good blogging.

I have this rage on a trigger. I try to surround myself with good souls because they make my madness disappear.

I’m about the most susceptible bloke around.

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