Young Israel Of Valley Village

As I reported Friday, Beis Midrash Toras HaShem at 12422 Chandler Blvd will become Young Israel of Valley Village.

A source who initially derided this report called me Sunday to say he was wrong. Rabbi Block will stay on.

The black hats of Shaarey Zedek are forming their own breakaway shul led by Rabbi Edelstein and the affluent Darrison family.

Rabbi Edelstein was the assistant to Rabbi Aron Tendler.

When Rav Tendler left, many of the right-wingers at the shul didn’t understand why he was leaving. They wanted to make Rabbi Edelstein Shaarey Zedek’s main rabbi.

The old guard didn’t like Rabbi Edelstein. He was regarded as too young and lacking in stature.

Rabbi Edelstein doesn’t play politics. He just studies Torah. He’s right wing and doesn’t worry about the modern niceties (being friendly to people who aren’t so religious, whose wives wear pants and don’t cover their hair).

This breakaway movement (about 40 men) will rent out the space where the restaurant Rossis used to be (on Magnolia Blvd).

Rabbi Edelstein has a devoted clan who say that the rabbi has been treated shabbily by the new regime.

The Darrisons want people to be quiet and respectful when they come to the minyan to daven. If you can’t do that, then hit the road, Jack.

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