The Cross & The Jew

Chumi Friedman blogs:

The following question was submitted to the forum on Judaism:

"Dear Rabbi, We are not religious but our son was raised as a Jew and had both a (reformed) rabbi and priest perform his wedding ceremony. He has never converted but his wife has asked him to wear a cross and we find this very offensive. What can we say to him to explain the reason we are so hurt by his seemingly insensitive action?"
My first thought was – the cross offends you? You weren’t offended or hurt when he came home with the non-Jewish girlfriend? You weren’t hurt or offended by the priest presiding at their wedding? (Whom by the way I assume was also wearing a cross). Why are you offended now?

Maybe because they were confronted for the first time with the consequences of their action – bringing their son up to think there is no difference in whom he marries as along as he loves her, she is nice and good person, etc.

My son says, at least they are offended by something. I wonder how they will feel when their non-Jewish grandchildren are baptized in church?

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