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Are you Shomer Mitzvas? Shomer Shabbos? I assume yes but I am asking. Why do you feel like an outsider in the LA orthodox community? You have mentioned this in your videos and on the blog. I understand your respect, fascination and admiration of Orthodoxy and the community but why do you feel isolated at shul? Maybe because of your past? Maybe because of your writing about people in the community?

>>I’m shomer mitzvos except for the occasional indiscretion. Those two reasons and more. It’s my own fault. Won’t say more.

Shomer Mitzvos, Cool as long as you’re schtuping shiksas only. LOL. No problem, I understand that the isolation issue is a sore subject and respect that. It’s kind of sad how in most Orthodox communities people are so preoccupied with learning Torah that they forget that part of living Torah is treating fellow Jews with respect and decency. They sacrifice having good Middos and acting correctly to appear religious by learning. It’s crazy.

You’re probably wondering why all the personal questions? Well, it bugs me that you feel left out and are very guarded. I heard about you from another blog 2 years ago. There was something about you on LAJE. As a local frum Yid I was intrigued. So I started looking around the net for info on you. For a while I stopped looking for info and then I found your youtube videos. I was entertained and fascinated by the shul reviews etc… This lead me to your new site and then I started getting into the love chat. To make a long story short, I saw all the gossip and rumors surrounding you and I wanted to find out more about the truth (EMES) because that is what matters. I respect people’s privacy etc but I would like to get to know the real you. Not based on what the Frum community says or based on your past. I’m wondering as the Rabbonim ask "where are you holding?"

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