The Perils Of Yellow Fever

Cathedral City, just outside Monterey Park.

I’m to meet Ming Ho’s father at his dry cleaners.

A cloud of steam erupts from his press as I walk in.

"Mr. Kim, so very good to meet you," I say. "Could I borrow some cash so I can take your daughter on the date she deserves? I want to take her out for Chinese food and study her Red Book."

"You leave now! You trouble!" he responds.

"Father," says Ming. "You promised not to shame us in front of the Jew."

"You leave now or I’ll harvest your organs!" he says. "Ming, we could become rich if you just hold him down long enough for me to extract a kidney."

Jim Jones emails: "Cathedral City is near Monterey Park? You mean Temple City, moron. Cathedral City’s near Palm Springs. I won’t bother to go into why the rest of your "satirical" post doesn’t work on any level, you fag."

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