You Are Not Jewish

Gadi Pickholz from the Israel Fathers Rights Advocacy Council writes:


While you waste your time writing nonsense because of a lack of knowledge of what is really going on in Judaism, let me inform you of two major historic events that occurred this week that will impact the nation for years to come — both of whcih you completely missed in your ignorance and extreme distance from Israel.

First, we regret to inform you that you are not in fact Jewish. Kindly correct your website at once. At a minimum, read the damned English translations on the and websites of what is occurring with the Talibanization of the Rabbinate. The decision to retroactively cancel tens of thousands of conversions going back over a decade is going to have a historic impact for generations to come, and certainly ends any pretense of conversion in the Diaspora. You can pretend all you want in LA, but if you ever did find a woman to have your child, and they fell in love with an Israeli or came on Aliya, they would be in for one heck of a rude awakening at the Ministry of the Interior and Citizenship.

Attacking Rav Druckman in this manner is a direct assault on all modern orthodox rabbis. Druckman’s other main job, aside from chairing the conversion committee for metropolitan Tel Aviv, is Chairman of Bnei Akiva and the modern orthodox rabbis in Israel, Tzohar. This is a direct assault on all modern orthodox rabbis and conversions. While it was reassuring to see the Rishon LeZion (Sepahardi Chief Rabbi) denounce the decision today, the silence by the Ashkenaz Chief Rabbi is chilling.

Most scandelous, of course, is that not a single major modern orthdoox rabbi in American even mentioned the matter in their sermons this week, much less joined the protest lists. Better to discuss their military assessments and raise more funds. Cowards all. Not a word from the RCC. Not a word from the RCA. Not a word from Yeshiva University. Not a word from a single pulpit. This is a time to HOWL! The Talibanization of the religion is moving ahead at a blinding speed. See today’s editorial in HaAretz, which I think even made the English edition. Also see failed

But what do you care, since you are now officially a goy looking in retroactively.

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