Sinkers Or Floaters?


Most people in the US, if you looked into their toilets, would have "sinkers rather than floaters!"  In other words, if your food and digestion are proper, the stool will float in the toilet water, will be light in color, will be soft, but well-formed (not watery) and will NOT have a foul smell.  How many people do you suppose have "proper stool?"  The FDA estimate is that 50% of the population, at least, have hemorrhoids — so that means even more have problems with their stools.

The most common reason for "poor stool" would be the lack of fiber in the diet and the excessive use of processed foods, particularly sugar and bread.

Bill Cork writes:

In the comments at Protocols, I did a little reminiscing with Luke Ford about his dad, Desmond (see Luke’s autobiography for his account of their relationship–and Luke’s journey in life from SDA preacher’s kid to porn journalist and J-blogger).

It was rather ironic, I told him, that a couple of posts mentioning him (one of which he linked to) were just inches from one in which I mentioned Des.

As I said to Luke,

I was a big Des Ford fan in college–Glacier View was the summer before my freshman year. What can I say? He helped turn me from a Seventh-day Adventist into a Roman Catholic. πŸ™‚

I read everything he wrote (I even read Gill’s booklet, "The Soteriological Implications of the Human Nature of Christ" [Gillian Ford is Luke’s stepmother, whom Des married after Luke’s mom died of cancer–see Luke’s autobiography]). I got all the way through "Daniel 8:14 the Day of Atonement and the Investigative Judgment." I had all his tapes and argued with students and professors about imputed justification and the apotelesmatic principle.

I wrote a couple articles about him for my college paper (and once did a cartoon of Neal Wilson, President of the SDA General Conference (and Ford nemesis) standing on the deck of the Titanic saying, "God himself couldn’t sink this ship.")

I can’t believe how after all the SDA church did to him he insisted on staying at its fringe, preaching his own mix of vegetarianism, Sabbatarianism, and Evangelicalism.

I remember one talk he gave where he said you could tell whether your diet was right by looking in the toilet and asking, "Sinkers or Floaters?"

Yes, Luke, you have an interesting family. πŸ™‚

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