Reverend Jeremiah Wright

Fred emails:

1. The nonsense about the government injecting blacks with aids is an example of standard left wing BS of dodging responsibility. Aids is spread by promiscuity and drugs. By blaming the government (or whites), Wright is telling the African American community to dodge responsibility for bad behavior. This is fundamentally evil for several reasons. It prevents the Black community from actually taking the only reasonable corrective action that would reduce this problem. It fosters ignorance. It fosters racial hatred. In short, Wright’s actions are evil.

2. Regarding Moyers, query: what is the purpose of interviewing someone? Is the purpose of an interview to give that person a larger pulpit from which to speak? Is the purpose of the interview to give the public some knowledge about a person?

When a person does something, you can ask,

a) Why does he say he did it?
b) Why does he think he did it?
c) Why do others think he did it?
d) Why did he do it?

Here are some possibilities:

a) Wright actually believes his own BS. (To put it charitably, he has a distorted view of reality. To put it less charitably, he’s delusional.)

b) Wright is trying to pump up his political base for political reasons. (What’s a lie here and there? We can make whitey feel guilty or defensive, and have the black community feel entitled to be more assertive.)

c) The national platform is feeding Wright’s ego.

d) Wright hates America.

It would be interesting if Moyers had actually explored these possibilities, his interview might have been interesting.

Now why did Moyers not explore any of these issues? Possibilities include:

a) Moyers is sympathetic to Wright, and is willing to excuse his delusions out of sympathy. (This might be due to Moyers’s southern white guilt when it comes to race relations.)

b) Moyers doesn’t think that Wright’s delusional outbursts are significant. (If this is Moyers’s thinking, he is wrong. If there are leaders out there who are delusional, and those leaders have a strong following, it is a matter of great public interest.)

c) Moyers is engaging in politics, trying to turn the public’s attention away from the fact that Wright is a delusional nut, and toward some other subject that Moyers finds more to his liking. (It’s sort of like when the Wizard of Oz says to Dorothy, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.")

d) Moyers thinks that Wright’s outbursts have already gotten plenty of media attention. (If this is his thinking, his decision is wrong. While the public has gotten an earful of Wright’s delusions, they haven’t heard Wright’s explanation.)

In any event, Moyers is like a game show host who neglects to ask the $64,000 question. That makes him a terrible interviewer.

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