I Plan, Sherre Laughs

So a couple of weeks ago, the publicist for Rabbi Sherre Hirsch’s first book, We Plan, God Laughs, invited me to email in questions for the rabbi.

I did.

Five days later, the publicist emails me to say that the rabbi will not be doing any more interviews because of family stuff.

I was able to derive a sublime spiritual lesson from the experience, more profound than any I read in Rabbi Hirsch’s book on Shabbos.

So here are my questions that the rabbi won’t be answering:

For Rabbi Hirsch. Please only answer the questions you find interesting.

* So why did you leave Temple Sinai? Do you prefer what you are doing now, being a media superstar et al?

* How has being a wife and mother affected your work as a rabbi, counselor and writer?

* What inspires you and what depresses you about the state of Conservative Judaism today?

* If you could change one or two things about Conservative Judaism, what would you change? Why aren’t you Orthodox? Do you get religiously lonely as a Conservative rabbi (as there aren’t many observant Conservative laity)?

* I suspect that you’re not able to help everyone you counsel etc… How do you deal with that?

* How do you reconcile your desire to be compassionate with your religion’s stringent standards? Do you tell people, ‘You can’t do that. It’s a sin."

* Do you believe in and talk about sin and divine punishment for sins?

* Do you think there’s life after death?

* What are the advantages and disadvantages of having women in the rabbinate?

* What have you learned about the news media from your first-hand experiences?

* How has your interfaith work affected your Judaism? Is it easier or more difficult to spiritually counsel Gentiles? How do you counsel someone who believes Jesus is G-d?

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