I’m On ‘The Insider’ At 7:30 PM PST On KCBS TV

I’m not sure why and it is a clip of me for a few seconds interviewing someone. It’s not about sex. It’s about blackmail.

More on The Insider.

From my live cam chat:

guest105: luke…just in case you are interested in knowing that you on the tv show The Insider .  It shows about 3 second clip of you interviewing.  i live in NY so I have already seen it…you look quite young and handsome….
guest105: it was on today
guest105: unless you do not like to view yourself on the telly
YourMoralLeader: what was it about?
guest105: I forgot the subject matter…but you looked so adorable I forgot why I was watching you
guest105: it wasn’t about sex…but you were riveting… you can watch yourself in about an hour
guest1:  luke..in case you ARE interested…the piece on the inside(her) was on hollywood
guest1:  blackmail.  and you were quoted as saying that you never know when the extortionist will come back to blackmail the hollywood celebrity.  you also wore a red tie…
guest1:  i also cried when i read your blog on last night’s [Heeb] party…it was heartwrenching
nicholas:  I have the flu. I’m very ill. Help me!
guest105:  watch luke on tv tonight  channel 2 on THE INSIDER… there is a fleeting moment or two of him on an interview…he lookes on hot (and I’m now bothered !!!)
YourMoralLeader:  I will pray for you
YourMoralLeader:  Emma, this is the famous Luke Ford Fan blogger
Emma:  Oh
Emma:  Hi
nicholas:  Yes pray. That will help.
nicholas:  OK
Emma:  lmaO luke
nicholas:  Not really.
Emma:  lol
nicholas:  This is a 7 – 10 day flu. I’m at day 4.
nicholas:  Are you going to shave soon?
nicholas:  It will take 10 years off.
guest105:  before the 3 weeks I hope
nicholas:  Emma will like you more if you look 35 rather than 45.
Emma:  lol He is fine the way he is
guest105:  emma should shave too !!!
Emma:  lol
nicholas:  That’s lovely, Emma.
Emma:  my legs are shaved
nicholas:  Why do you wear a hair clip?
Emma:  Ok why did i say that
nicholas:  What time is it Emma?
Emma:  I don’t have a clock
nicholas:  But it’s late, right?
Emma:  Yeah it’s late
Emma:  Why?
nicholas:  Curious.
Emma:  Ok
nicholas:  re; Hair clip. Okay. As long as it isn’t a sissy thing.
nicholas:  I saw the picture of Maia Lazar from last weekend. She is starting to look a lot like her mother.
nicholas:  She didn’t use to look anything like Cathy.
nicholas:  Is Emma really just 18?
Emma:  How did you know?
nicholas:  I don’t think you really are 18! You’re trying to trick Luke.
nicholas:  Also I don’t believe the picture he posted of you is real.
Emma:  Thats your choice
nicholas:  It’s all too good to be true.
Emma:  Maybe im a figmant of everyones imagination
nicholas:  18. Beautiful. Intelligent.
nicholas:  Funny.
nicholas:  You are going to break Luke’s heart.
nicholas:  Emma, are you Jewish?
Emma:  How would I do that?
Emma:  I’m not Jewish.
nicholas:  But you could convert, right?
guest107:  you’re an expert on tefilin emma
guest107:  your explanation earlier was beautiful
Emma:  Nope wikipedia is 107
guest107:  nice cute and paste then!
guest107:  cut
guest107:  cute cut!
Emma:  lol
guest107:  luke can i make a haircut appt?
guest107:  are you booked solid?
guest107:  do you do nails too?
guest107:  I need a pedi
guest107:  we are all coming over to give you a shave
guest107:  ambush
guest108:  To where are we being led?
guest107:  to bed
guest107:  wed 1st
guest107:  chupa then shtupa
guest108:  Are you a beautiful Asian woman ?
guest107:  al pee our Moral Leader shlita
guest108:  Are you a descendant of the Kaifeng Jewish community?
guest108:  Matteo Ricci, the Jesuit chanced upon the Kaifeng Jews
guest108:  Why don’t more Jews study the Ladino Pentateuch?
MaeWest:  Howdy boys.
guest108:  Are those real?
MaeWest:  100%
MaeWest:  Silicone is for toys and silicon is for transistors
guest108:  I don’t believe it
MaeWest:  What you shouldn’t believe are the rumors
guest108:  Sorry, but I lack the faith
MaeWest:  Get thee to a church and get some
guest107:  how about my shaitel?
MaeWest:  Shaitels are for bald men
MaeWest:  What’s a shaitel?
guest107:  or satmar women
guest107:  wig
guest107:  share your snack luke
MaeWest:  This man seems to have a black pancake on his head
guest108:  Who are the Brehr [?] hasidim?
guest107:  breastlover
guest108:  Any news on them?
guest107:  breslover
MaeWest:  Any news on the Pixie hasidim?
guest108:  Do they have a branch in NY and a member named Aaron Goldberg?
MaeWest:  I hear the sounds of small animals coming from this room
MaeWest:  chirps
MaeWest:  Are there bats in there that we can’t see?
Emma:  Lol your seeing things
MaeWest:  I’m hearing things
guest108:  Getting sound but you are frozen, Luke
MaeWest:  A frozen man is a hard man, and if that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes
guest108:  Thanks for the info on the Breslover hasidim
guest107:  time to change the towel luke
Emma:  Rightio I’m off
YourMoralLeader:  bye emma
Emma:  gnight
Emma:  xxx
MaeWest:  Why is it that whenever I come here this fellow is eating?
MaeWest:  Then he goes to the bathroom, we hear toilet sounds, and he never gains weight
guest108:  Seems to me that th mitnagdim have some good points
guest107:  whistle
guest107:  blow bubbles
MaeWest:  Now I’m top gal
guest107:  I miss Emma 🙁
MaeWest:  Emma is a mere child
guest107:  royal wave
MaeWest:  I’m all woman
MaeWest:  A woman with strong opinions and even stronger odors
guest107:  p.u.
YourMoralLeader:  I feel an emptiness
MaeWest:  They are called pheremones
guest107:  deep inside
guest108:  Existential loneliness is what you feel
guest107:  another slice will fill you up
MaeWest:  What is the volume of food you eat?
MaeWest:  You are always always eating
guest107:  more then a kezeis?
guest108:  Even a happily married man experiences it
guest107:  nice spread
MaeWest:  I can see you eating a box of macaroons
User MaeWest changed their name to HymenRoth.
guest107:  chunky or smooth?
HymenRoth:  Passover food ain’t cheap
User guest108 changed their name to MoeGreene.
HymenRoth:  That’s why it is important for those of you with fine homes to invite Luke over for his meals
guest107:  tam tams are very expensive
HymenRoth:  Inflation is back. So is recession.  So is stagflation.  Can disco be far behind?
guest107:  where’s the green tea to wash that down?
guest107:  disco is in your behind?
HymenRoth:  fres fres fres
MoeGreene:  Mrs. Ellen G. White said we shouldn’t drink tea
guest107:  bentch, bentch, bentch
HymenRoth:  Moe, can I buy you out?
MoeGreene:  I was in this town when you were jerking off in a movie theatre
HymenRoth:  I was working with your father when you were a stain on his pants
guest107:  watch the crumbs Luke
HymenRoth:  he laughs  over nothing
guest107:  what are we listening to?
MoeGreene:  No, I’m not buy
guest107:  borei pri haetz
MoeGreene:  Mrs. Ellen G White said we should eat only two meals a day
MoeGreene:  And nothing between meals
MoeGreene:  Not even a peanut
MoeGreene:  Also,  she said we should not eat before going to bed
HymenRoth:  I’ll bet this fellow listens to lots of Wagner when the cam is off.
MoeGreene:  She wrote a book on the evils of masturbation
HymenRoth:  He seems the type.
HymenRoth:  An Eliot Spitzer type, too.
MoeGreene:  describing it as "solitary vice" or "secret vice."
guest110:  3 for $1
HymenRoth:  Your life is one big set of parties
HymenRoth:  One after another
guest110:  learn talmud @ the party
HymenRoth:  Avoid the Heebs; everyone hates them
HymenRoth:  Just a bunch of sneering hipsters
MoeGreene:  Ever eaten Jackfruit?
HymenRoth:  Adults who pretend that they are still kids.
HymenRoth:  Who needs them?
User guest107 left the room.
HymenRoth:  Talmud, talmud is for real men
User guest105 left the room.
MoeGreene:  Vegetarians should visit, and, if possible, live in countries with tropical climates
guest110:  baba kama sutra…excellent !!! love it!
MoeGreene:  The abundance of delicious fruit and vegetables is superior to other places
HymenRoth:  The talmud give the Jew an unparalleled view of the Arab mind
MoeGreene:  Although I have been unable to follow my own advice
MoeGreene:  Isn’t giving others advice and not following it oneself typical of religious people?
guest110:  is that y you gave yourself a haircut today?
guest110:  for the party?
guest110:  you really need to trim the back
guest110:  what brand of floss?
guest110:  glide?
MoeGreene:  What type of floss are you using?
guest110:  ponytail
MoeGreene:  My own preference is Tom’s
guest110:  mint?
MoeGreene:  Yes, Tom’s Mint
guest110:  you can wax poetically
guest110:  wax on wax off
MoeGreene:  Luke, How about finding a roommate and moving into Park LaBrea?
guest110:  or… move to the tar pits
Kate:  working out today luke
MoeGreene:  Yes, I’m sure you do
MoeGreene:  But is it legal?
guest110:  no he ran out of grape juice
Kate:  ok lol
guest110:  he can’t excerise
Kate:  green tea?
guest110:  your in a gr8 mood man
guest110:  party hearty

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