I Can Name The Jerusalem Couple Accused Of Child Abuse

There’s a gag order in Israel against naming the couple but I am told they are David and Michal Shenbaum (nee Schwartz).

Here’s my comprehensive report.

According to an official Israeli document I was emailed (the entire database of the Israeli Interior Ministry has been circulating over the internet — you can look up ANY Israeli citizen and find out their ID number, birthday, relations, etc.), Michal was born in the United States in 1970 and made aliya in ’71 and her maiden name was Schwartz. Harold and Claudia are his parents. Her parents are Naomi and Yehuda.

She’s apparently the product of Naomi Klass’s first marriage. Did Naomi and Yehuda split while they were in Israel? Naomi apparently got custody of Michal.

David Shenbaum apparently made aliyah in 1993.

Does anyone know this couple and can offer any insights?

I can’t find anything about them on Google.

Anyone have YULA yearbooks from 1985-1988 to check this out? I believe David graduated from YULA around 1986. Naomi went to the Shulamit Yeshiva in Brooklyn.

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