On The Evils Of Gossip

I went to a lecture recently on the wickedness of gossip.

The rabbi said when we say bad things about people and spread rumors, we tend to do this from a haughty place of looking down on others and rubbishing them to make ourselves feel better. But underneath our haughtiness, is a fear that we don’t count. That we don’t matter. And therefore we spread gossip to try to feel worthy.

What if you spread gossip because it is what you do best, it is how you make your living? Or maybe it is all part of the cleansing process before the coming of the Messiah? Or maybe it is just because I am so on fire for G-d that I can’t stand the sight of wickedness? Or maybe I just don’t have anything better to do? Or maybe it’s because my mommy died when I was four and I hate you all?

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