RCC Divorces

Gadi Pickholz from the Israel Fathers Rights Advocacy Council writes:

We will have a full statement and formal report published before Pesach, Gd willing, but IFRAC can confirm that the statement at the bottom of the RCC website claiming that their Get is accepted by the Rabbanut Bet DIn is not only false, but has been for a considerable period of time. They simply have not disclosed to anyone in LA that the Rabbanut has NOT been accepting their Get, and quietly rewriting new ones after the fact. The RCC is not alone among American rabbis whom the Rabbanut has serious qualms about their practices halachically, but almost everyone else has quietly removed so bold a misrepresentation from their websites until negotiations with the Rabbanut are concluded.

We cannot identify a single case of an RCC written or managed Get that did not require full rewrite when presented in Jerusalem for a number of years back. The most chilling aspect of this revelation is the recognition of near total control of information and news flow by the RCC and its member Rabbis within the local community. To our knowledge, no one has known about this except the poor saps of divorced men who suddenly are served arrest warrants on the streets of Israel long after they believed they were fully divorced with Get back in America.

This is only coming out now due to the wholesale review of all procedures of the American rabbinate by the Rabbanut, including marriage, conversion, kashrut and divorce.

As I mentioned a month ago, the issue goes far beyond conversion and their marriage ceremonies. There is a fundamental concern with the most basic practices of some bet din and vaadot in America, and none are in the crosshairs more than the RCC. It is a classic case of a self regulatory organization with a monopoly getting both sloppy and developing an attitude. Any lawyer, doctor or accountant comprehends the inevitable outcome from past experiences of the ABA, AMA and Wall Street. Indeed, the best thing that ever happened for the RCA was YCT, as it effectively forced a new generation into leadership and sent the entire organization back to the halachic gym to get into shape. The RCC has no such nascent competitor, and simply grew uncontrollable and greedy.

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