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guest112:  All of these old stereotypes are increasingly meaningless in an Islamic Europe
guest112:  France, Londonistan…..a total disaster for our side of things
Emma:  Luke play some Libera
guest112:  And the House of Saud is set to build the world’s largest mosgue in London
Emma:  And then I’m off
RamBam:  The muslims are everything Europeans feared Jews would be
guest112:  Sleep tight, and don’t let the muslims bite

YourMoralLeader:  your wish
YourMoralLeader:  is my command
guest116:  where’s the rabbit?
Emma:  Im not going untill he plays my song
RamBam:  How can you stop them from biting?
guest112:  Deportation
guest112:  To their own homelands, of which they have many
guest112:  Even Ireland is being colonized by them
guest112:  Luke is a modern orthodox Jew
RamBam:  Ireland is pretty
Emma:  Yeah it is
guest112:  the keep the females separate and dont let them prey out loud with the men
Emma:  Nice and green
RamBam:  Muslims aren’t very pretty
guest112:  What’s with these Jewish women in Israel wearing Burkas and Chadors?
nathan:  yeh
guest112:  And having very peculiar forms of sex?
guest112:  Luke has written about this
Welshdragon:  it was more fun when we wound the boss up
RamBam:  Luke used to date an African-American
guest112:  Who?
RamBam:  Holly Randall
guest112:  ha ha ha
YourMoralLeader:  her dad is south african
guest112:  But that of course is true. Holly IS African American
Emma:  Alrighty im off
Emma:  bye de bye
nathan:  bye
RamBam:  Bye again Emma!
Emma:  Take care guys
Welshdragon:  c ya ginger
Emma:  Behave
guest112:  farewell
Emma:  lol
guest112:  Remember to pray to God
Emma:  lol
guest112:  Remember what the nuns taught you
Welshdragon:  emmas a borrower
Emma:  shut up lol
RamBam:  I wonder if they spanked her?
Emma:  gnight
Welshdragon:  ginger borrower?
GUAPO:  what it do son
RamBam:  A fake jew and a wigger enter a bar …
guest112:  Britain began its downfall in the summer of 1914.
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guest112:  What was once the world’s greatest empire is now increasingly a colony of those it once ruled.
GUAPO:  chillen luke
RamBam:  English spoken here.
Welshdragon:  112 where u from?
guest112:  The United States
guest112:  Andwhere are you from, Welshdragon?
RamBam:  Oh beautiful for spacious skies ..
GUAPO:  you spend that g already luke
Welshdragon:  take a guess
guest112:  Not Pakistan
guest112:  Not Algeria
Welshdragon:  there a clue in the name 112
GUAPO:  dag nigga you real frugal
Welshdragon:  guapo what you talking about?
RamBam:  He just babbles
GUAPO:  someone give me a g and it gone that same nite
Welshdragon:  i might eat guapo??
guest112:  The Welsh need to get rid of their useless king and have a glorious revolution
Welshdragon:  is that right 112
guest112:  Queen
Welshdragon:  got there in the end
RamBam:  May Someone give Guapo a spell checker
Welshdragon:  lmao
GUAPO:  im such a hated man around these parts and xpt..
guest112:  Yes.  Thesepeople did nothing to prevent/end WW1 or halt the invasion of their home island, so what use are they?
GUAPO:  what you think about me being hated on luke?
YourMoralLeader:  I don’t agree
YourMoralLeader:  I hate hate
GUAPO:  everybody else do luke
RamBam:  I hate heat
YourMoralLeader:  its’ wrong
YourMoralLeader:  Guapo, you’re my nigga
GUAPO:  muf**kers act like your boy aint got feelings
guest112:  So this Obama donated less than onepercent of his income to charity
YourMoralLeader:  when they p**ck you, do you not bleed?
guest112:  he and his wife are misers
RamBam:  Guapo has no feelings and a poor vocabulary
Welshdragon:  112 and guapo u have serious anger issues?
guest345:  you think Hilary donated more?
GUAPO:  ban rambam luke.. ban they ass
guest112:  in fact she did donate more, around a tenth
Welshdragon:  rambam’s great
GUAPO:  luke you feel i got anger issues?
GUAPO:  man i got much love
GUAPO:  for all yall
Welshdragon:  guapo i’m goping to eat u
RamBam:  Guapo loves for pay
guest345:  well she did "donate" to her own campaign
guest112:  true that
guest112:  but the clintons have been giving to charity, it seems, all their lives.
RamBam:  He’ll go gay for less than a "g"
guest112:  Not so this obama
Welshdragon:  politics always ends in tears#
RamBam:  Luke.  Did you engineer anything today?
guest112:  This fellow Ford could be writing books that people would buy
guest112:  But he chooses not to
guest112:  Nearer my God to thee, please
nathan:  yeh ill catch ya again mate
guest112:  I have not eaten any red meat in three months, luke
GUAPO:  luke can you get your boy a date with courtney cumz?
Welshdragon:  cheersi’m off see u all again
RamBam:  Just give some cash to Monstar, Guapo.
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guest112:  Luke, are these porny people?
GUAPO:  monsta stole my cash and purchased lip liners and hairspray to drink
RamBam:  hahahaha
guest112:  If you wanted to, you could start your own temple to cater to them
guest112:  Bnai Onan
YourMoralLeader:  Rambam, you know the xxx world
GUAPO:  you a millionaire luke?
guest112:  So the old Soviet Union was good for the Jews, in that they built lots of eruvs
RamBam:  Some things
guest112:  e.g around Belin
guest112:  Berlin
RamBam:  I like porn & Torah
GUAPO:  luke do you still talk to old porno friends or they out now that you porno free
YourMoralLeader:  no
GUAPO:  dag why im here chatting then
GUAPO:  i thought you was my ticket to bone b**ches on film
GUAPO:  now i find out you aint even porno no more
guest127:  gay
RamBam:  Just buy your own ticket, Guapo
RamBam:  These girls are for sale
guest127:  go back to porn luke
RamBam:  On on CraigsList and buy some "roses"
GUAPO:  can you unretire for like 2 week luke?
Jimmy:  Luke what is yr bedtime and wakeup time usually?
YourMoralLeader:  hi 130
YourMoralLeader:  jimmy, so many can’t think which one
YourMoralLeader:  11pm bedtime, up around 7am
Jimmy:  what exercise did you get today?
YourMoralLeader:  walked a mile or so, did my weights/grape juice routine
Jimmy:  how heavy are the grape juices you think?
YourMoralLeader:  2 quarts/liters
Jimmy:  thats not too heavy Luke.  I use 15 pound dumbbells myself same way
Jimmy:  Look like a airline pilot – I like it
guest130:  Ok, Luke! It’s been fun watching you…seriously, you have guts to do what are doing!!!
Jimmy:  yes he does Looks like he’s giving a serious lecture now
guest130:  why does he do this??
Jimmy:  adores attn I suppose.  He is a fascinating cat
guest130:  luke, you should have a radio show
guest130:  or internet webcam works just as well maybe…
Jimmy:  I guess thats true but only 2 of us happen to be watching for time being
guest130:  we have him excited I believe
Jimmy:  yes very animated right now but I lost audio
guest133:  luke, do you prepare material for this, or do you just come on and hope you have something to say?
guest130:  good thing he is cute
YourMoralLeader:  spontaneous mate
Jimmy:  are you female 130?  He likes females show up
guest130:  when did you grow you beard?
guest133:  you don’t even wash your hair for them do you?
guest130:  yes, I met luke a few years ago, online of course
YourMoralLeader:  cool
YourMoralLeader:  what did we talk about?
guest130:  I have to go to bed, nice watching u!! Molly
YourMoralLeader:  hey
YourMoralLeader:  molly
YourMoralLeader:  i had no idea
guest130:  Hi
YourMoralLeader:  Molly, that book is awesome
guest130:  you should order 1
guest130:  yes, it still is an ordeal but my faith in God gets us 

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