Smoking On Shabbs While Studying Talmud

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Photo of the perfect candidate to be
The next GODOL HADOR of Lakewood

Tsunami Hit Lakewood!

The entire Frum World is in SHOCK!

Lakewood just got a taste of their own medicine – a product of their own culture.

Lakewood had incubated, created and unleashed a MONSTER, "a new kind of G-d".

This new Monster, broke loose in Lakewood and has now Attacked the community which created it.

The name of this Lakewood Monster, "G-d" is called:

"Shteigen in Lernen"

and is called

"Becoming a Godol".

Every youngster in the Lakewood and Litvishe world is brainwashed from childhood that the only thing that matters is "shtigen in lernen" and that everyone must attempt to grow up to at least try and "Become a Godol".

Otherwise you are considered to be "a nothing" or as Leah would call it "A Shtick Drek".

They don’t worship G-d, per say, rather they worship their "learning" – they worship "making chidushim" (inventing new ideas in Torah) and they worship their intellectual "shteigen in lernen".

Lakewood, NJ – Shock: Con-Man Faking as Frum ‘Yid’ Turned Out To Be Goy, Under Arrest By US Marshal’s

This should come as no surprise for the Litvishe Velt.

In the Litvishe Velt they are brainwashed that knowledge of Torah is everything and no one thinks much beyond that point.

In the Chassidishe world a child is educated and lives in a culture where he is taught that the highest virtue is to be a real and proper authentic yid, with real and true yirash shomayim and "knowing how to learn" is only 1 out of 613 "parts" of Yiddishkiet.

In the Lakewood world, "knowing how to learn" is where Yiddishkeit begins and that’s where it ends.

If you know how to learn you are great yid and if not you are a big zero – a piece of nothing.

This is very typical for Lakewood.

Lakewood got what they deserved !

To illustrate how their culture works, the following story illustrates, that something which should have made the Litvishe World, bury their head in shame, was instead featured, by them, as feature story, a story to be proud of and reflects very precisely the deliberate targeted culture of their "system" to brainwash their children that "shtigen in lernen" is everything and otherwise you are "a nothing" :

In Lakewood, they can’t see the forest only the trees.

Olomeinu Magazine – a periodical that was distributed to all Litvishe Yeshiva Students to help form, shape and culture the young minds of every Litvishe Yeshiva child.

Olomeinu magazine was so proud of themselves that a little kid who was a full fledged bum, so called "shegetz" as kid, who didn’t even have a Yarmulke, ended up being their so called "GODOL" because "he knows how to learn so good".

In contrast, all Chassidishe Rebbe’s had always displayed supernatural Kedusha even even as small children and even as infants.

Some contrast! It’s a WORLD of a difference.

For example:

In Slabotke Yeshiva (where the greatest Litvishe Gedolim learned as buchrim) it is known that many Bochrim who were giants in Torah, had written, their genius, Chidushey Torah, on Shabbos, while smoking cigarettes!

As for the Olemeinu Magazine Story, everyone can look it up in your local Jewish Periodicals Library many years ago.

The story featured in Olomeinu Magazine relates:

Once there was a teenager who was completely fried out, and did not even wear any Yarmulke at all but "he had a very good head!".

This so called "Yidishe Shegetz’l", was a real true genius of brain.

This kids IQ was enormously high but yet he was a total typical fried out kid roaming the streets.

Atzmus writes: Aaron Kotler did learn in the infamous Slabotke Yeshiva which is notorious for having buchrim write their Chidushim on Shabbos while smoking cigarettes.

We have no evidence that Aaron Kotler himself, also personally wrote his Chidushim on Shabbos while smoking cigarettes but other buchrim in this same Yeshiva certainly did.


"A student in Slobodka was once caught smoking on Shabbat. Although he did not prevent others from doing so, the Sabba M’Slobodka dared not eject the student from the Yeshiva, that’s how afraid he was of hurting people. There are many stories told of how far our great leaders would go not to offend others."

From "Their studies were not limited to mathematics. Often before class they would engage in deep Talmudic disputation, "…often without yarmulkes, on Shabbos, smoking cigarettes. They just loved to learn Talmud. It is hard for us to understand that frame of mind. We only associate ‘learning’ with the religious experience, while they learned purely for intellectual motives," Rabbi Wein observed in one of his taped "Biography" lectures."

Leah Kleim writes:

The Litvishe World, who prides themselves in learning, had proven last week that they don’t know their ass from their elbow as far as who is a Jew and who is Goy, when it was revealed last week that their future Godol Hador in training, was in fact a Christian Goy.


This week the Litvishe "learners" proved it once more when they thought they could reverse themselves, for last weeks scandal, of their Goy, who was assumed to be Jewish.


Today they decided to wash their hands clean from the ignoramuses failure to realize who is Jewish and who is not. Lakwood now claims that he really was in fact Jewish because he converted in Kansas before coming to Lakewood.


Lakewood just made an ass out of themselves once more.


Once more Lakewood proved what Am Haartazim they are, not even knowing a clear Din in Shulchan Aruch that if a Goy claims he wants to be Jewish not because he really means it but because he is a criminal attempting to fool the Feds., using identity theft of a dead man, in order to run from his criminal past, this is not a valid conversion according to Halacha.


This Goy Mr. Floyd has now been shown to be, full of lies and a criminal running from his past with identity theft. There is not one thing, which Floyed ever claimed about himself, that has not been proven false.


Obviously his "acceptance of Mitzvos" to be Jewish was just as fake and so is Halachicaly invalid.


He remains a Goy – but Lakewood still didn’t figure that out now and is now trying to fool everyone into assuming he was a convert, which he is not according to Halacha, since it was a FAKE CONVERSION if he did it only in order to hide his criminal past.



VIN has located and contacted Rabbi Pinchas Aloof, who was serving the synagogue Congregation Ahavat Achim in Wichita, Kansas at the time Mr. and Mrs. Floyd underwent conversion—and who has vouched in a telephone conversation with VIN from his Texas home for the Floyds’ authentic Jewish status and kosher conversion. "It was 100% kosher with a Beis Din, I was there; they both went trough the whole process ‘al pi halacha’" says Rabbi Aloof.


What a fool of a "Rav" in he is in Kansas.


Every child who knows the least bit of Halacha knows that such a faker remains a Goy.


He is not a Ger Tzedek. readers are all so gullible to believe whatever anyone says without trying to use their head for second to understand and realize that it’s not true.


If VIN says he is Goy, everyone believes it without question.


If VIN changes their mind, then everyone believes that too.


How gullible can you all be?


How about looking inside the Shulchan Aruch to see what the Halacha is?


Did VIN or the "rav" in Kansas ever think of maybe looking inside the Shulchan Aruch?


The Halacha is that for a Ger Tzedek to be considered a Ger Tzedek he has to be genuine in his requests and in his motive and in his Kabolas HaMiltzvos.


A Faker who seeks conversion, only in order to outsmart the Feds so that they will not catch his criminal past and USES a gullible rav to "be megayer" not because he really wants to be Jewish but only because he wants to hide his criminal history to pretend he is someone whom he is not, an identity thief and is NOT Ger Tzedek AL PI HALACHA.


This Rav in Kansas is an am haartez if he doesn’t realize this that he has been DUPED by an identity thief who used the Rav to help perform his identity theft crime.
Floyd is a criminal and not someone who really wanted to be Jewish.


When a rav is duped into Gerus for the only purpose of, to hide a Goy’s criminal past – it is not a true Gerus, at all. He remains a Goy Gomur, Al Pi Halacha.

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