We Live In The Century Of The Terrorist

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My dad. Here.

Find the truth and transform your life. You can get joy and all sorts of cool things.

Redletterchurch posts to YouTube: "Des Ford has one of the sharpest minds I have encountered! He is a great speaker and debater! I have witnessed many of his lectures, including Oct. 27, 1979. But there is a problem here! The red-letter teachings of Jesus Christ take a back seat to Paul! Christianity needs to repent, and resurrect the words of Christ, and make them first and foremost! With all due respect to Dr. Ford, I have decided to follow Jesus!"

Whenever people ask me why I am so, umm, unique, I just ask them to spend two minutes listening to one of my dad’s sermons. Then they’ll understand.

Topsiturvi8 posts:

Dr. Ford often speaks on the sayings of Christ and the Gospels. He says that Christ should always be given precedence over Paul. However, until Pentecost the full meaning of Christ’s sayings could not be perceived. The Holy Spirit confronted Paul and led him into a unique ministry of interpretation and explanation. Because of his training it was given to Paul to explain what the atonement meant. This could not be done until after the atonement was made, i.e., until after Christ died.

The primary inquiry of all intelligent souls is, ‘How can I be right with my Creator?’ It is only Paul who fully spells out the way with its root and its fruit. The great tragedy of even modern evangelicism is that salvation in its historical and objective senses is too often obscured. A closer attention to the writings of Paul could prevent this tragic loss.

Sinner, are you right with G-d?

Girma posts: "Dr. Desmond Ford is one of the greatest gospel preacher of our time. His sermons and books have brought untold blessings to my life. Dr. Ford is the. most wholesome and dynamic teacher I ever met. Looking forward to read his biography which is due in January of 2008."

From the John Ankerberg Show: Walter Rea and Desmond Ford examine why so many evangelical men and women have been asked to leave Adventism and whether or not the writings of Ellen G. White are considered to be of equal authority as the Scriptures.

More videos from my dad.

Here’s an open question for my audience: Who’s more of a moral leader? My dad or me?

My mate posts: "You speak the plebian langauge of the common man……therefore your moral leadership is accessible to a greater audience. Your father is too patrician."

I once asked a lady who was visiting me at my parents home what was the biggest difference between my father and I. "He’s not as pompous," she said.

My first girlfriend said: "The more you try to be different from him, the more you’ll be like him."

Take it easy on me. It should be easy to see. I’m getting lost in the crowd. I’m crying out loud. I just want you to know. I know that you have to go. It’s all up to you but whatever you do, take it easy on me.

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I've written five books (see Amazon.com). My work has been covered in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and on 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (Alexander90210.com).
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