Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue

Lulu emails: Yo! I gave you that term “Torah Hour of Power!” Where’s my credit? Dude. You so love to take credit from people, post without asking…etc. I don’t care where you get the stuff from. It’s your arrangement of the info and decision on what to put up that makes your shtick interesting. Just give credit to others who don’t happen to be female or your pet-devotee.

Justice, man! That’s what it’s all about.

You’d write a novel of an answer if I had tits and pussy! You’re so damn predictable. If Rabbi Ally or Monica weren’t women, they would not survive a moment in your world of ideas.

You’re no Vulcan driven by logic. You just react to your hormones. Spock would never adopt you as his son or wife!

Your ultimate wife would be Dennis Prager trans-gendered. She would meet your anatomic and intellectual requirements.

Yo! Levi, the hormone man. This is great comedy: making a point of declaring an ultra-orthodox rabbi is at heterosexual marriage. As opposed to what? This line of yours made my stomach hurt a lot because I laugh so much. Levi, this is what makes you the righteous Tzadik of Pico.

Rabbi Rabbs at a heterosexual marriage

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