What Are Some Right-Wing Hysterias?

On Dennis Prager’s radio show today, he asked what are the right-wing hysterias comparable to left-wing fears over secondary smoke, global warming, population growth, etc.

Well, here are the things the right-wing has been afraid of since 1980 (when I began paying close attention to politics):

* communism (until 1990)
* terrorism
* illegal immigration

I don’t think any of these fears are hysterical. They all strike me as valid.

Dennis: Why is there so much more hysteria on the left? You have no idea how much they praised Chairman Mao for China’s one-child policy. That we should emulate that.

Ted Turner has said over and over that while he loves his kids, he regrets having so many (six).

Second-hand smoke [danger] might be the most mendacious of all the claims.

If I am missing a hysteria on the right, the world will come to an end or vast numbers of humanity will die, and this hysteria turns out utterly false and those who followed it hurt society… Western Europe had to import people because they didn’t have kids.

Religious people have kids. The secular don’t. The religious will inherit the earth.

Left and right were equally hysterical about accusations of child abuse.

Caller: WMD. The Hollywood Blacklist.

Dennis: The number of you calling in to say that the right was hysterical about communism is depressing. Was the world hysterical about Nazism? Communism killed more people than all doctrines in all of history combined. How do you get hysterical about communism? It is frightening to me that anti-communism is regarded by anyone as hysteria. It means you don’t have a clue of the destruction it has done.

Dennis says that Y2K had no politics. “I will admit that that was the one time I fell for a hysteria. You know why? It made perfect sense.”

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