Social Anxiety

So I was in therapy the other day talking about the social anxiety I often feel on Shabbat and Jewish holidays because I’m not married with kids and normal.

“So what do you say to yourself when you are feeling anxious?” says my therapist. “What could you say to yourself?”

“That I’ve ****** ** *****?” I say. “I ****** five **** *****. Five ***** have ********* ** ****. Five ***** have ******* me to **** **** ** *** ***. ****** **** gave me a *******.”

“That wasn’t what I was expecting,” said my therapist.

What do you say to yourself when you are feeling insecure?

Why don’t I say to myself, “God loves you! You are made in the divine image. You have infinite worth.”

Bob emails: “I remind myself that I don’t live in a converted garage and sleep in tattered sleeping bag and I feel oddly comforted.”

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