The Islamic Assault On Freedom

When will people in the West stop propagandizing that Westerners need to become sensitive to Muslim sensibilities and instead demand that if Muslims want to live among us, they sensitize themselves to our values, which include freedom?

Why aren’t Muslims condemning imams who issue fatwas for death against cartoonists?

There is only one group in the world that people fear that offending them will lead to their death — Muslims.

Does anyone fear offending Christians or Jews? Does anyone think Jews will come kill them if they make fun of Judaism? Does anyone think that Christians will murder them if they mock Christ?

This is the single greatest moral problem in the world — death-oriented Islam. Not all Muslims are for murderous jihad but they don’t oppose it. They don’t count for anything. They don’t protest murder in the name of Islam. They’re quiet and passive while their religion is the single greatest threat to freedom in the world today.

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: “You could say that the bulk of Muslims are peaceful people. That is true but irrelevant. The bulk of the German people were also peaceful. It is who dominates and how many of the bad guys are there that matters. Ten percent of Muslims support Osama Bin Laden.”

Islam governs Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Yemen is 50/50. Somalia is increasingly moving in that direction. Afghanistan was governed by Islam. The secular form of that ideology runs Syria.

The Star-Tribune reports:

In April 2010, Molly Norris, an editorial cartoonist at the Seattle Weekly, learned that the creators of the TV comedy “South Park” had been threatened with death by a Muslim extremist. The threat came after an episode in which the Prophet Mohammed appeared in a bear suit — an allusion to Islam’s prohibition against his depiction.

Norris was indignant at this use of threats of violence to stifle free speech. In protest, she drew a lighthearted cartoon of a poster announcing “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.” Tongue firmly in cheek, she named the day’s sponsor as a nonexistent group: “Citizens against Citizens against Humor.”

Today, Norris fears for her own life. On the FBI’s advice, she’s “gone ghost” — changed her name and identity and abandoned her livelihood. The reason: A radical Muslim imam has called for her assassination on grounds that she blasphemed against Islam.

This sort of assault on free speech — one of the West’s most cherished liberties — has become sadly familiar in places like the Netherlands and Denmark. In 2004, for example, a Muslim extremist slit the throat of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh in retribution for his movie condemning the abuse of women in conservative Islamic societies. In 2006, Dutch-Somali writer and politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali — an outspoken critic of Islam — was forced to flee Holland after threats on her life. In Denmark, cartoonist Kurt Westergaard lives under police protection after a Somali man attempted to murder him.

…When the Washington Examiner, an on-line
newspaper in Washington, D.C., asked the
American Society of News Editors for a
statement about Norris, none was
forthcoming. Ditto for the Society of
Professional Journalists. This, despite the
fact that the editors group’s mission
statement extols “the First Amendment at
home and free speech around the world,”
while the journalists claim to stand for “the
perpetuation of the free press as the
cornerstone of our nation and liberty.”

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