Pico Blvd’s Beit Midrash Owner Jailed

UPDATE: Chaim Mekel is out of jail. He has to do community service every day but can sleep at home.

He was sent to jail because of a child support custody case.

I got this email Wednesday morning:

This is a URGENT request to help Chaim Mekel who started the Kollel Rashbi Ari. He came from Israel two weeks ago and was arrested the following day on an old case(20 years). He has been in jail for two weeks now, and the first week he did not get Kosher food and did not even have a siddur. We need to raise $10,000 to get him out of jail. Any help will be appreciated. Please realize what a big opportunity this is. Today we dont get the opportunity often to redeem a Jew from a gentile jail. This is from stories hundreds of years ago. This is the 2008 version. A Talmid Chacham is in jail and we can help redeem him with money. Your help will be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance and wish you a Rosh Chodesh. Regards, Keith Levin Kollel Rashbi Ari 8676 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035 310-497-5713 Keith A Levin President Tymo Trading International phone: 1-310-497-5713 fax: 1-310-388-0313 e-mail: tymotrading@yahoo.com

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