All The Great Moral Minds Were Wrong

Dennis Prager H1: Moses, Jesus, Jefferson, Gandhi and anyone else you can name – they were wrong. But a judge in California is right. What California voters have repeatedly endorsed – a traditional definition of marriage – is overturned by one judge…

Prager H2: A California judge has declared the traditional definition of marriage unconstitutional. Since marriage has always been defined as a union of a man and woman, what other conclusion can you reach? Dennis talks to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach about Rock of Africa. Dennis and Shmuley went together to Africa last Thanksgiving to volunteer for this great charity… A black man murders eight in Connecticut and blames racism before he kills himself… Lebanon attacked Israel and murdered an Israeli officer. Even the UN acknowledges this. Can we expect a UN condemnation of Lebanon?

Prager H3: Dennis continues to discuss the latest declaration that marriage as we’ve defined it for millennia is no longer valid. If you think there won’t be serious consequences to redefining marriage, you are fooling yourself. Dennis debates callers who defend the judge’s decision…

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