Amalek Declares Luke A Jew

Bob emails: “Why is Luke Ford not profiled here? His omission here is more hurtful than his absence from”

Khunrum emails: “Let’s face it lads. No one takes this Luke/Jew thing seriously including Luke. He’s about as Jewish as the Pope.”

Chaim Amalek emails: “I don’t agree. As of this moment, today, Luke Ford is Jewish. He has undergone a conversion that, this third time, is apparently accepted by the vast majority of the orthodox rabbinate of his community. He has done everything that has been asked of him and more, going so far to emasculate himself as a writer, a journalist, and as a man earning a livelihood. He (to the best of my knowledge) has no online or other activities that are in any way incompatible with the dictates of Pharisaical Judaism as practiced by orthodox Judaism. Sure, the important men of his adopted community are not about to seriously suggest a matrimonial match that might link their families to his, but that is more because of his age, appearance, and poverty than because they do not regard him as having undergone a proper conversion.

“It is fundamentally wrong and wrong-headed to write about Luke Ford 2010 as though he were the Luke of 2000 or even 2005. Luke is an orthodox Jew, and lives his life accordingly. Let’s give the “Luke is no Jew” theme a rest.”

Khunrum emails: “Not until I see DNA proof that Luke is a Yid. Until then, he is still the delusional offspring of a Christian Minister as far as I and the Pico/Robertson crowd are concerned. I am rather offended when I hear Luke referring to Christians as “the goyim” as if we are dimwits and he is somehow mentally superior to us. I consider (right or wrongly) the word Goyim a slur on par with the word Nigger. Does babbling a few “conversion” chants, wearing a yarmulke and a Tolstoy beard give one extra I.Q points? Luke isn’t fooling anyone. Not Rabbi Muskin, not me, not Robert and not you Chaim. Come on already.”

Al emails me: “Why would you pay any attention to what Khunrum says, or publish it? We are repeatedly enjoined to welcome and not discriminate against converts. I don’t know who Khumrum is — but he is either a non-Jew or a Jew who isn’t mindful of our Torah-mandated commandments. His suggestion that you need to have Jewish DNA, and his dismissing your fealty to the Torah, are over the top. As a 60+ yr FFB, I would associate Khunrum’s attitude with the most ignorant among us. Please ignore him.”

Jeff emails: Dear Chaim Amalek:

How do we know that Luke Ford isn

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