The Richer The Shul, The Colder

My theory is that rich people feel less of a need to reach out to strangers and to make them feel welcome. Instead, they are used to people clambering for their attention.

Perhaps a big part of the reason that churches are often more welcoming than synagogues is that churches have a higher proportion of poor people.

Successful people have a life. They feel less of a need to convert people to religious beliefs and practices.

Chuck emails:The rich resent the poor because the rich believe the poor believe that the rich owe something to the poor. The poor resent the rich because they are rich.

770 Eastern parkway and certain other lubavitch schuls and some but not all upper west side schteiblach are the only place in which I have davened in which this duality didn’t exist. Others did, but not rich v poor. It was always nice to notice close friends who in other schuls wouldn’t be in the same row fighting and laughing as the equals they truly believed they were.

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