Shannon Orand’s Conversion To Judaism

From The Jerusalem Post:

However, when news broke of her relationship with Tropper in the final stages of her court battle, she was forced to sign a settlement that would allow her ex-husband visitation rights with their son.

In parallel, leaders of Houston’s Jewish community reacted to the first reports of the Tropper incident by requesting that Orand remove her children from the local Jewish school. And Orand was told not to set foot on its premises.

However, when media coverage of the story increased Orand and her children were permitted into the school.

Meanwhile, the Houston conversion court, which was slated to convert Orand, put off its decision.

Orand was afraid she would be prevented from converting. A friend got Orand in contact with Eliyahu, who expressed willingness to help.


…a third rabbi who preferred to remain anonymous.

[YP asks: Who is he, and why does he prefer to remain anonymous? Luke says: Rabbi Osteroff. He said he wanted to stay anonymous for reasons of “modesty.”]


They also said her children, from two previous marriages, had been enrolled in the local Jewish school.


Rabbi Nahum Eisenstein, chairman of the International Rabbinical Committee for Conversion Matters, who is close to Tropper, said that the decision by the Israeli rabbis went against rabbinical ethics.

“Since there was a file open in the Houston Rabbinical Court which has not been closed yet it is unacceptable according to rabbinical ethics to do what they did, especially when we are talking about a woman who did a quickie conversion in Israel and immediately went back to the US,” said Eisentstein, who added that the goal of his committee is to set proper conversion standards and procedures.

“Obviously, the people involved had some personal interest.

[YP asks: WHO PAID FOR HER QUICK ROUND-TRIP TO ISRAEL? And, were her children converted along with her by the same beis din in Israel, and did her children travel with her to and from Israel? Normally, minor children are converted together with the converting mother, I think. How old are her children?]


She explained that she was introduced to Tropper by a mutual friend in 2006.

[YP asks: WHO was the mutual friend?]


Also, she was receiving money from Tropper to help pay the legal costs of a custody battle with her ex-husband,

[YP asks: If true, why was Tropper paying her legal costs in her custody battle?]


Orand was afraid she would be prevented from converting. A friend got Orand in contact with Eliyahu, who expressed willingness to help.

[YP asks: Who’s this unnamed friend, and why in particular did this friend contact Eliyahu? Was this “friend” the same person as the previously-mentioned, unnamed “mutual friend” who she says introduced her to Tropper in 2006?]

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