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ChaimAmalek: I thought there was going to be an interview here.
ChaimAmalek: I know it is hard to believe, but there used to be such a thing as a “luke ford” brand.
ChaimAmalek: Ten years back, the guy had real prospects.
Beth: Leave Luke alone, all he wants is to teach AT and to find a nice girl he can push around.
ChaimAmalek: Yeah, well, ten years back, he had a shot at breaking out into big media. But he never pushed it.
ChaimAmalek: Also, he HAD a nice girl. Lots of them. But in every instance, he found them wanting.
Beth: Let’s have a pop psychology session, then. What’s your diagnosis, Dr. Chaim?
ChaimAmalek: He’s lazy. Some people just don’t have the fire burning within them, and that’s that.
Beth: Lazy isn’t pop psychology, it’s something the person can fix on his own! You’re supposed to say he’s got a borderline personality or something.
ChaimAmalek: All of that is bulls**t.
ChaimAmalek: I say he’s lazy.
Beth: Well, yes, that’s why it’s POP psychology.
ChaimAmalek: Point a camera at him and he’s as happy as can be.
ChaimAmalek: No fire.
ChaimAmalek: I used to write tons of stuff for his web sites, thinking it would get me places. Hah!

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