NCSY sent public school students to Rabbi Tropper’s yeshiva

Whenever a shul I’m attending has an NCSY Shabbaton, I suspect that I will be surrounded by the worst-behaving kids that shul will see all year.

David Kelsey of emails the head of NCSY:

Dear Rabbi Burg,

As I am sure you are aware, many of us are disturbed that NCSY has sent public school teens to haredi yeshivas and seminaries using their public school “cultural” clubs to recruit them, including to Rabbi Tropper’s yeshiva, Kol Yaakov. Rabbi Tropper is a particularly problematic haredi leader.
But the general problem is that NCSY has no transparency at all in terms of where they send public school teens, and where they do not. Considering the continually expanded pipeline from public school JSUs to NCSY and then from NCSY, to yeshivas and seminaries after graduation, NCSY should supply an official and public list of approved post-high school institutions, and NCSY/JSU’s kiruv professionals should be forbidden to recommend or recruit for institutions not on this list.
Being that NCSY’s JSU is in so many (over 250?) public schools, and that NCSY continues to send teens to ultra-Orthodox and even haredi institutions, NCSY’s lack of transparency is cause for concern, and frankly, suspicion.

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