How Am I A Moral Leader?

From my live cam chat:

guest16: how are you a moral leader ?
guest16: well
guest16: hello
Beth: Give him a minute…
Beth: Luke, if I beg for your attention will you blog about me? I thrive on negative attention.
guest16: beth does he speak
Beth: No, it’s all text-based. We get to listen to Prager. He says what Luke would say, minus the sweet accent.
Beth: she says, as if she were the expert on Luke Ford.
YourMoralLeader: hmm
guest16: why r u a moral leader
guest16: i need to know
YourMoralLeader: The lady of the lake gave me Excalibur
YourMoralLeader: signifying by divine right I am to be your king
Beth: lol
Beth: no seriously that wasn’t just netspeak, I actually lol’d.
guest16: r u there or r u high i need to know
guest16: please answer

ChaimAmalek: Luke, how can I become a mashgiach and have my own hechsur for Kashrut?
ChaimAmalek: I wish I could employ Mexicans
ChaimAmalek: An American without his own Mexican is like someone who works as a door greeter at WalMart
ChaimAmalek: LUKE! I GOT IT! Sure fire way for us to make money!
ChaimAmalek: We offer hechsuring services under the symbol of a golden calf. Why a calf, you ask? Because the name of our venture will be ChaimAmalekLukeFord = CALF
ChaimAmalek: C.A.L.F. = $$$$$$

About Luke Ford

I've written five books (see My work has been followed by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (
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