Winning With Livestreaming (1-5-21)

“Evidence suggests that having a streamer in your life that is a source of entertainment and laughter has both physical and mental health benefits.”

“Watching people laugh and have fun is very good for our health and wellbeing, can help us feel socially connected, can provide us with energy and can boost our productivity. When we give back to content creators that entertain and energise us, we are rewarded with several neurochemicals that elate us and make us feel like a valuable and wanted member of a community.”

The Psychology of Twitch

How to Improve Online Gaming Behaviour

“emotions experienced together with others during live streaming are more intense than emotions experienced individually after the live streaming.”

* traditional co-viewing, such as watching TV programs with family and friends in-person, is a more cheerful experience compared to watching alone.

“What goes viral is what most deviates from expectations. Constant social media consumption barrages us with the unusual, skewing our sense of normality and detaching it from reality.”

Do ICUs typically run at capacity? No.

“For most level 1 trauma centers and tertiary care facilities, operating intensive care units at 80 percent to 90 percent capacity is standard — even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.”

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