How Important Is It To You To Not Get Covid-19? (1-4-21)

00:00 LA slammed by Covid patients,
22:00 Mediocre White Male joins
34:00 Golem XIV,
1:25:00 Jonathan Bowden, ‘Wyndham Lewis A British Modernist Life’,
1:28:00 Do hospitals get paid extra for Covid diagnoses?
1:29:00 USA Today:
1:32:00 Jaw-Dropping New CDC Figures Suggest True U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Approaching Half a Million,
1:37:00 The Intellectuals and the Masses: Pride and Prejudice Among the Literary Intelligentsia 1880-1939,
1:42:00 Babs camps out in a cemetery
1:56:00 My Kitchen Wars: A Memoir,
2:02:00 Babs & Bloodsports
2:08:00 Bunyip,
2:47:00 Is Empathy a Good or Bad Thing?,

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