Erotic Dream Girls

(L-R) Holly Randall, Larry Flynt, Theresa Flynt & Suze Randall

Here’s Larry after the facelift:

On December 3, Hustler Hollywood is celebrating its 11th year bringing quality products to the adventurous and sexually charged on the wild Sunset Strip. Revered by rockers and sought out by the trendsetters and the curious, Hustler’s flagship store’s location is in prime territory. Now with additional stores across the country and a highly profitable retail Web site, Hustler Hollywood is a commercial success!

To mark the occasion, Hustler is featuring a book signing by one of the industry’s most well-known photographers, Holly Randall. This is the public’s only opportunity to purchase an advance copy of her book before its official release. Holly’s love affair with photography started at age 12. Now, with great success at, writing articles for Xbiz and snapping centerfolds for Hustler and High Society, Holly has come full circle with the release of her book titled Erotic Dream Girls, from Goliath Books.

“This has been one amazing ride,” says Randall. “I’m very excited about the release of Erotic Dream Girls. All the girls in my book are not only incredibly beautiful women, but they are also my friends. That really made it a very rewarding experience for me.”

This year, Holly launched her own personal site,, as a member’s Web site and started a photography workshop. Over the years, Holly has taken many photos of adult entertainment’s hottest female talent and has befriended many of them. Signing autographs alongside Holly on Wednesday will be Megastar Kayden Kross and the seductive Aria Giovanni who are featured models in her book and are close friends.

Hustler Hollywood’s 11th Anniversary Party kicks off at 7 p.m. and will include a special appearance by Hustler founder, Larry Flynt.

Khunrum emails: Luke: Will you attend? Will Holly give you a signed copy of her book? How about a peck on the cheek?

Bob emails: Perhaps a co-signing with Luke peddling his unsold copies of "Rebel"?

Khunrum emails: Buy Holly’s, get Luke’s free. The ol’ Two for One deal.

Bob emails: Hell, throw in a complimentary Alexander adjustment too!

Jane emails: Aside from the seemingly endless accounts of your on/off/not really relationship with the anti -orthodox girl…your blog has been quiet good!

Khunrum emails: Our heads hurt (headaches) reading this turgid dialogue. (major snooze) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Can’t you spice it up a bit with sex and humor f’Chrissakes?

Bob emails: Allow me.

"How did you feel about our political discussion last night?" he asked.

"**** me like a whore", she says, "Take out all your aggression toward women on me."

That’s good writing. That’s good reading.

The Tampa Show, Oct. 2005, where Holly and I met:

"Since then, she’s been your buddy Holly," says Yisroel.

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