Luke Is Like Moldy Bread

Chaim Amalek emails:

I’ve just run out of things to say regarding Luke. The topic is like watching bread grow mold. At this point, what counts is that he be content living the life he lives, etc. Nothing more is expected or demanded, and perhaps what we saw as lost opportunities in his life these past ten years he saw differently.

PS Furthermore, as regards mold and opportunity, I find this decision process by which Luke rejected Holly in favor of various soon-to-be-menopausal-and-ergo-infertile women to be far more perplexing than the gay man’s preference for penis and rectum over vagina and natural breasts. But variety is one of the drivers of life, so more power to Luke if this floats his boat. At the very least, he helped make one man (the guy Holly married) happy.

Fred emails: Perhaps the situation here is that while Luke has moved on to a more sacred path, the advisory group remains firmly mired in the gutter.

Would someone please pass the filth, please.

Rob emails: In Luke’s defense, I rather enjoyed Luke’s piece about six months ago on the married Rabbi who enjoyed golden showers from his counseling clients. Other than that? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

He said, “Would you loan me $15,000 to complete my Alexander training?”

She said, “Are you f***ing crazy??”

He wept.

Luke, Starbucks is always hiring and they give health benefits. Wake up and smell the low-fat soy latte, will ya? It is time to cut your losses on this Alexander training stuff.

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