Keeping It Dry

On his radio show Wednesday from Zambia, Dennis Prager said that many women in Africa have the practice of buying a certain product to keep themselves dry during sex, thinking that the increased friction will result in more pleasure for their lovers.

Dennis said he was shocked by this. "As a normal guy, my brain says that lubrication is the best thing possible. One wants to know that one’s woman is turned on by you. That’s half the joy of it. At least 50% of the joy. It gives you an idea of the sexism which really exists, but there’s no feminist movement here. But in America… I remember reading in high school a book called ‘How to Please a Woman.’

"How come the feminist movement developed in America, where women have it best?"

Dennis noted that married men in South America, Europe and Africa frequently have mistresses while that is less acceptable in America.

Yes, there’s more divorce in America but there’s also proportionately more marriage. People live together without the benefit of marriage more frequently in Europe.

Dennis says that women in America have it so good that the feminist movement can concentrate on ethereal and nonsensical matters.

"It’s mind-boggling to see how far some women [in Africa] will go to hurt themselves, or to demean themselves, for the sake of a man. I’m not for that. In fact, it sickens me."

"Why would the best treated women in the world come up with something so virulent as feminism (which has been largely terrible for men and terrible for women)?"

"It’s always the least oppressed who make a revolution."

Dennis got a call from a black woman, a jazz singer, who worked at the Intercontinental Hotel in Zambia’s capitol city. She said that when she was in Zambia, there was a cooking oil shortage, because when wives found out that their husbands were cheating, they’d heat up the oil, go to the woman’s house, knock on the door, and when she opened it, they’d throw the hot oil in the woman’s face.

I think third-world customs are so charming.

Dennis: "College put ideas into men and women’s brains that were largely preposterous."

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