My Car Billows Smoke On Pico Bl And Over-Heats While I Stream With Serenity

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

It turned out to be a blown radiator hose.

Psychiatrist Stephen Marmer was a guest on Dennis Prager’s radio show in February 2010.

Dr. Marmer: “We work and rework all of the main challenges of development. Every time we do it, we can add to our happiness and reduce our unhappiness because we get another shot at working at a problem that has come up in the past and will come up again in the future. No problem is ever solved 100%.

“Imagine you are climbing a spiral staircase in the tower and at each vista, there’s a window. You get to see the fields from a different angle.

“There are four basic developmental challenges — dependency, mastery, grandiosity and feeling small in a big world.

“You will face these challenges over and over again.

“We will experience these windows one way in childhood, another way in adolescence, another way in early adulthood…and another way in the geriatric phase.

“When you’re feeling dependent, remember when you had mastery. When you’re feeling grandiose, remember when you were feeling small in a big world.”

“It’s a recipe for balance and for not feeling overwhelmed by any of these four stages because each one of them modifies the other.”


* Kinda fun getting a glimpse inside the Los Angeles ADL branch.

* Brundlefly’s contribution was a welcome addition. I was very interested in what he had to say. I agree with him about Luke. Although I don’t fully trust Luke, his channel is one of best developments of late for the Alt-Right imo. I have said many times on AR blogs, to my detriment, that we need to talk with good faith Jews to get a better, more factual understanding of each other. Duvid brings that to the table, as does Babs (who I know and admire, at least virtually).

* I’ve followed Cantwell since the 2012 election and the Ron Paul campaign when he was just some shlub who appeared on Adam VS The Man. The guy is extremely intelligent and a very talented writer. I sperged out about anarcho-capitalism right along with him and watched his entire split with the liberty movement and gradual shift rightward. I think his talents are lost on low IQ people as he stated in the debate. His appearance and mannerisms can be distracting to the mentally lazy. His show is one of the best on the internet and some of his older stuff is classic comedy gold.

* The alt right is starting to get on my my nerves. Why cant we just have a a pro white party? Just follow casapound. Get an HQ in a city, recruit urban whites, dont larp, just be reasonable. Dont exto post about non whites, not every non white person is against you or stupid, we have a lot we can learn from people of other cultures, we just want to be able to be ourselvs and shape our own political destiny.

* Luke, how would you feel about having Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson on to discuss the differences in their visions of white nationalism?

* We all know the stereotype of the modern teenager, who is always sitting with his Ipad or Ipod in his/her hand, and seems unable to concentrate on a conversation without constant distractions from the gadget. At times I have a similar feeling about this “Live Chat” phenomenon. I must admit that if I was in the role of being a guest on the show, I would feel annoyed by a distracted host who is following a chat, and who at times seems only moderately interested in what I was saying. To continue my criticism before I unleash my praise; at times it seems to me Luke, that you are a bit tired of it and playing by your routines firing off standard line and rants for a bit longer than absolutely necessary. Perhaps you are stressing yourself too much. Then there is the distraction for those who cannot keep their eyes from the chat, and thus find it difficult to understand the more complicated arguments, and I too, am reading the chat when an already solidly memorized standard Luke rant, or some participant is hard to understand.

I am not arguing for a revolution but perhaps give it a little thought how to handle the chat phenomenon, while keeping up some level of concentration?

All that being said, Luke I think you are a great host who is making fantastically interesting things happen. Also spreading a lot of common sense wisdom and general good advice. So please continue in the same spirit. (By the way, don’t bother to invite me, I am not up to it for the moment).

* Regarding Lukes critique of my attempt to have a conversation with him:

I didn’t come on Luke’s show with the expectation of having a debate about whether the JQ is valid or not. It reminded me of how so many debates between white nationalists and others devolve into arguing about whether whites exists as a relevant category or not. Since Luke had showed himself to be aware of relevant critiques of jews earlier, I was a bit surprised when he now was totally unwilling to have a discussion in good faith about this and purposely misunderstood what I was saying and was just obfuscating and deflecting my points. Also, he failed to aknowledge when I had answered his questions, like when he repeated the point that the percentage of jews doesn’t corelate with a nations immigration policy, even though I had already tried to give an explanation of why the percentage isn’t what matters. Also, I do not have the simplistic view he tries to ascribe to me here. I do think that the jews have played a necessary role in getting european civilisation to the horrible state it is in now, and they still play that role btw. That is not to say that we europeans ourselves don’t have responsibility, but when we try to fix this we have to be able to adress JQ, since that is part of the solution. But then when we do this Luke pretends that we’re not taking our own resposiblity. It’s a catch-22.

* Besides some of his pilpul I think Luke is one of the most sympathic people on the whole internet.
BTW. What does he meant with “Mensch”?
In german this means just Human being.

* Why does LF say that WN attract people with criminal records, tattooed peoples, low intelligent peoples, and other undesirables? What do you think shows up progressive matches and left wing protestors? The same people but on the other side. If anything, the left has a hygiene problem.

Should alt right protestors be clean cut intelligent and moral people? I don’t think so when the other side is not. Fuck optics.

* Luke, are you still able to understand that at some level, what Dooovid was saying about “frames” goes for religious truths also — in particular, your happy claim about how your focus on connection with your religious community (and your downplaying of metaphysical truths) has led to your thriving… sort of contradicts the frame offered by Christianity? The contrast is so sharp that I can’t tell if you’re trolling or making a joke, or if you really don’t get it, or remember… “remember, if the world hates you, it hated me first.” Or “I have come to turn “‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law…” Or “a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household…” — I understand your frame. I see it, I understand it, I’m willing to grant it to you for the sake of conversation. Knowing that you think in those terms, I wouldn’t continue saying to you, “You should be speaking truth even if it costs you everything,” because I understand that that’s not your operating system… do you not understand that some of us have other operating systems? Or do you understand, and you’re trying to undermine our faith? I honestly can’t tell. To a lot of Christians, the idea that you should focus on happy getting along and minding your own business and avoiding ruffling feathers is really anathema… maybe you’re working out resentment about how your dad’s own persecution for speaking what he thought was truth led in part to your own estrangement from him? And so that makes it wrong to you? I’d be interested to hear you say more about this — am I reading Christianity wrong? Is Christianity wrong? I feel like Doooovid would understand this better than you (lately). Good show as always.

* I agree framing is essentially a spiritual concept. But I took a course on EDX from Delft University in Holland about Framing and public speaking and politics. And President Obama (top student of Alan Dershowitz) who always made sure to frame the topic and set the narrative first before moving forward, which is how Professor Dershowitz at Harvard Law School teaches how to win in the court room, by properly framing the debate, and convincing the jury that your narrative based on the frame you set is the most viable alternative.
Blessings, as I said look forward to chatting soon, like with Luke!

* Also note Monad’s conversation with Luke where they simply talked past each other. I think Monad was just giving Kant’s and Neitzche’s critique of Jewish thinking, where they thought that the German was more on a search for truth while the Jew had certain defects that caused us to not be able to objectively search for truth. Monad did not quote Kant, but think that was the argument. Interesting that Luke as a convert has adapted the traits of ethnic Jews, says something about nature versus nurture and learned behavior.
Note famous world champion chess player Alexander Alekhine who played for the Nazis and was able to defeat the top Jewish chess players, even wrote a book on Jewish thinking in regards to playing chess, noting how Jews seem to fall into the same lines of faulty thinking, as were easy to defeat, which is in line with Kant and Neitzche. Although famously Rabbi Moses Mendelshon was in the same circles as Kant, and defeated Kant many times in public rhetoric about German Enlightenment.

* I used to enjoy chess quite a lot — basically stopped playing only because I ran out of people who were also interested. But I noticed that I never achieved anything but an essentially “reactive” or “defensive” style. And I quite good at that. I would just let the other player make his plays, and then defend against those lines of attacks while waiting for one crucial mistake… but the players who had an active strategy would keep me on the ropes the entire time and finally wear me down. Interesting to think about different styles emerging from different ethnic cultures. I had a strong sense in early March that Luke flipped some switch in reaction to the Cofnas paper that seemed either insane or disingenuous to me… and that came after a year of comfortably understanding the movements of his thinking from week to week. I’m still not sure I understand what happened, but, it was basically check-mate on me, even if it seemed like a hack move. I haven’t been able to recover a way of talking that seems sincere & “integrated” since then. Different frames, I guess. If nothing else, that shift in tone/direction taught me that we can think we’re sharing a frame even when we’re not…

Yeah, would love to talk some time, Dooovid… but I’m also on my heels a little, and feeling a bit nervous & frustrated by the looming threats of “losing my job” or whatever that Luke has hinted might come by talking too honestly about certain stuff. So I’m below the radar for now!

* You can get to about 1800, sometimes expert strength at chess by just waiting for your opponent to make a mistake, without any great fundamental understanding of the game, and how to attack or push a strategic and positional advantage.
They say that your personality comes out over the chess board, so maybe you are an attack only when attacked first personality.
I mostly use chess today as a way of volunteering and giving to the next generation of children, as chess might be my greatest skill. For a chess player, I can talk purely in the language of chess, and for many introverts, we don’t have to talk at all, but just play chess.
But certainly you can find great competition from all over the world over the internet on such web pages as
Many times chess players have a unique ability to understand the principles of action – reaction, and to be able to look at things from other’s perspective.
A beginning player might think 100% from their perspective, but as you get better you look at the whole board just realizing that you only control your own pieces. There is also spiritual interpretations of chess, and what the pieces represent like certain soul functions, from chess’ original Hindu or Zoroastrian origins.

I mentioned with others the idea of ‘The Way of Peace’, as measuring your self and your ideas with creating more unity and peace. And what I said is the Alt-Right making you a better person and leading you to have a better life?

* I’ve taught my older daughter chess, and now time to start with the younger, probably — she’s almost 5. It does seem like a perfect game, somehow.

I think the alt-right stuff helped me understand that (sometimes) different groups of people may not finally all be assimilate-able, and therefore there might be some semi-permanent antagonisms… I was generally nurtured on vaguely universalist principles, and the attitude of my parents & brother is generally “globalist”: they make no distinctions between Americans, or whites, and others. But the alt-right stuff showed me (or seemed to show me?) that being a universalist while welcoming among you other people who are not universalists and who don’t intend to become universalists is a turn of vulnerability that might be one too far. But it’s a tough question whether it’s made my life better. In general, I would say no — but my I feel that I’ve gained a broader or deeper understanding of reality, or truth, or human nature. It’s just that, I’m a little less hopeful. Mind you, the “old me” would have naively and happily (and imperialistically) felt comfortable actually hoping that American Jews (and Muslims, Hindus, etc.) would all trade in their tribal identities for “American” as a primary identity. I now think that such a thing is not only unlikely, but also not even a good ideal. But this all leaves me wondering “who I am” in ways that I haven’t in 20 years or so. To be a universalist in a world of tribalists is just the quickest way to lose the game that they’re all playing. Gonna have to find a tribe now, I suppose.

* Chess is basically a kids game, great way for you to have Father-daughter time together in an intellectual way that will benefit their development and critical thinking.

As I said Saturday night, ‘I DON’T WANT TO ASSIMILATE’, I am a proud Jew and an American patriot, and factually I am different and could not assimilate even if I wanted to. As I joke with Muslims who try to assimilate into American culture, is you will be fully assimilate WHEN YOUR EYES TURN BLUE!
That is why I am preaching conservative multiculturalism, of Manik since you studied some Hinduism and know the Hare Krishna Movement, what we call ‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY’. And as mentioned in other posts White American can maintain the majority of America by Gerrymandering, but likely most cities and major suburban areas will be multicultural, and many states will be multicultural, but like the UAE, many states and parts of states can still be white, and that will determine where minorities move to. And as talked in different discussions, likely most Whites will chose the multi-cultural path because it is in their personal interest to do so.
Certainly your approach of education is the best alternative for Whites in America, as in Europe the White countries with the strongest futures are the ones that have invested in education.

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