The Ashkenazi Discussion Style (4-11-18)

* I asked a Jew to explain the Ashkenazi discussion style. He said: “Fuck you for framing this in terms of us Jews. Like Hitler. Who do you work for, and do they know they have a Jew-hater working for them? Also, again, fuck you.”

* Doooovid: I love ‘Yinglish’ – Yeshiva style English, sing-song talking of Jews, where we examine every topic like we are learning Talmud!

Also note the ‘duplicitous’ nature of ‘Jew-speak’, we are trained to speak to different people differently. As all Jews are fluent in Jive and know how to talk to minorities, and shift back and forth between ultimate race realists, we can be the oppressed minority, or Jewish power broker, perfectly know how to deal with each goy by how their tribe treats Jews in general, or switch it up to universalists that do not believe in race at all.

* As the Talmud says, with the righteous, deal righteously, and with the wicked, deal wickedly. (I assume the Talmud says this.)

* Many of the characteristics of the Ashkenazi discussion style are natural to all Mediterranean peoples. If you’ve ever seen a traffic accident in the Arab world, you see a bunch of people screaming and crying and yelling bloody murder.

Babs says that Middle Eastern/Mediterranean peoples are predisposed to emotional argument techniques.

You see a particularly bitter style of Jewish humor in the Torah when Jews say that it would have been had they died in Egypt where at least they had leeks.


* ​Jews seem to be ultra-utilitarian people.

* Doovid: Nice talk – I thought to Luke & Frame that as Jews they should not be giving unsolicited advice to Whites, seems just like subversive Jews giving bad advise to whites?! Let Whites talk for them selves. Frame is smart, well spoke, knowledgeable but not sure his place on a Torah centered show, just random politics, seems better for Fox News.
Seems the only Whites listening and in the chat are not after Luke’s advice, but just waiting for him to turn against the Jews?!
Although Luke is a good reporter, interviewer, and probably one of the best sources out there for the current state of the Alt-Right.
And Brundle can’t even win an argument with his Jewish wife?! When yesterday Brundle was saying how he wanted more Jewish kids, now he feels what is the point, his kids don’t have a place in America anyways?! Oy Vey, just another day in the Alt-Right asking the JQ on Holocaust Remembrance day, when half the people in the chat don’t even think the Holocaust happened?!

* I really enjoyed Frame being on. I see no problem with Luke and Frame giving their rare tidbits of advice to Whites. That isn’t subversive in my opinion, as Luke says, Whites have agency and can decide for themselves which advice to heed. As well, its far less subversive when its obvious the advice is coming from Jews rather than “fellow white people”. I wouldn’t call Frame “random politics” as his take is highly in depth on and from the Jewish perspective, history, and influence. I don’t expect or want Luke to turn against the Jews, thats one of the reason I enjoy this show so much as The Right Stuff podcasts frequently place blame on the Jews for everything, I value those race realist and “alt-right” Jews who can give their own reasoning on the problems American society faces today. It helps formulate a more rounded and realistic world view that does not simply blame the Jews for everything.

Also, maybe I’m reading this incorrectly, but I am not sure I understand why you would slight Brundle like this. Obviously convincing a woman on such an social pernicious topic as race realism or far right politics is no easy task and the fact that she is Jewish certainly doesn’t help. As well, I believe Brundle said he fears for the future of his son due to his Whiteness as he has perceived the trajectory of our current anti-white status quo which is much more prevalent in today’s society than the anti-Semitic opinions.

Lets be real, there seems to be a holocaust remembrance day just about every other week. I do enjoy your presence Dooovid as you bring a different perspective to the show, however don’t be surprised that it continues to discuss and tackle to difficult topics of race realism and the JQ as Luke has been doing for the last 20 years.

* Doooovid: I am not sure what kind of audience Luke has, I guess most of Luke’s regulars are highly skeptical of Jews and generally have a negative opinion of Jews. Which is odd because I was under the pretense that it is a Torah based show grounded in the wisdom of the Jewish Sages, my area of expertise. I am not a judgmental person, maybe my responses to whoever Brundlefly is are just ‘Trumpian counter-punches’ and meant no harm, just to point out the absurdity of a man trying to have more Jewish babies questioning my role here in America.
And also I have to question my role here on the channel, as I like & respect Luke, and he can run his channel how he wants, just questioning whether I am wasting my time or not. I am not here to lecture about the Holocaust, but don’t want to waste my time on Holocaust remembrance day being attacked about my status as an American?! And if my area of expertise is not interesting to the show, I am just wasting my time and yours.

* Towards the end of the call, Luke reverts to his innate European nature and begins mass ethnically cleansing Jews from the call. this massacre will be remembered alongside such tragedies as the fall of Masada, the Warsaw ghetto uprising & the Farhud.

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