‘Friday Night Was Lovely’

"Friday night was lovely," he says.

"Don’t say lovely," she says. "So was Thursday night."

"Thursday night was more aggressive," he says. "Friday night was a little more emotional."

"Do you think it is OK to do both?"

"Of course."

"OK. I don’t know."

"It makes me feel emasculated," he says, "if I can’t take care of you. I need to feel competent."

"And then?"

"It feels like you are offering all of yourself to me. I feel like I am dining out, at an all-you-can eat buffet. You’re lavish with your affections."

"So how does that make you feel?" she asks.

"Very manly. Very good. It makes me feel rich and powerful.

"And then to receive it, it makes feel like you want to please me."

"I do," she says.

"I feel like a little boy and you’re my mommy and you’re taking care of me. It feels nurturing and devoted and dirty. There are pleasures here not available through more conventional means. The tongue can do more things."

"You were just so open," she said. "it was amazing. It felt really really safe. I felt really connected to you physically, mentally.

"How do we know which mood the other’s in? More physical or more emotional? Who’s going to take charge? I know what you’re going to say."

"You’re very forthright," he said. "If you’re not into something, you let me know. If you want something, you’ll say. If you want to talk, you’ll say so. What did you expect me to say?"

"I expect you to say that it doesn’t matter much what mood I’m in and that I should just bend over.

"What if you’re in a gentle mood and I’m in a rough mood. What if I want to bite  you and fight you and you just want to love me?"

"Well," he said, "You’ll probably be rough with me and then I’ll be rough with you."

"But what if that is not your mood?" she asks.

"I’ll tell you to be gentle. Then you’ll get angry and pound your fists against my back."

"You were so fast and harsh and angry Thursday night,"  she says. "I wanted to slow down and try things."

"You can say slow down."


"Yeah. Often a woman will buck so much I can’t **** her. It throws me off my rhythm."

"Ohmigod, is this a common problem for you?"

"Yeah," he says. "It has been a common problem. As Lord Curzon instructed his American wife, ‘Ladies never move.’"

"Ohmigod, women should pay to have sex with Luke Ford."

"I’ll say, ‘Don’t move!’"

"And take it like you mean it.

"How do you tell someone not to move?"

"With manly authority," he says. "Sometimes women buck around a lot more than necessary. They want to prove how wild they are. It’s never been a problem with us."

"No," she says, "because I totally submit to you."

"I like that," he says.

"No one has ever ****ed me like that," she says. "I’ve never let anyone **** me like that. Normally you  meet in the middle and you find your rhythm. You just throw me over."

"I like to dominate you," he says. "In the bedroom. In many ways, you dominate me. In many ways, you dominate me because I dominate you in bed. You get your power back by not returning my calls etc."

"Is that why I want to fight with you sometimes?" she asks.

"I think that’s why you distance yourself," he says. "Because you don’t like being so vulnerable to me. You shut down and throw up defenses."

"It’s very possible," she says.

"I don’t even realize it sometimes," he says. "You’re dominating me. I’m stepping down a step and the step is not there and I’m falling through space."

"I love that feeling," she says.

"I hate that feeling," he says. "You like to drive fast next to cliffs."

About Luke Ford

I've written five books (see Amazon.com). My work has been covered in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and on 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (Alexander90210.com).
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