The Elephant Man

I identify with The Elephant Man. Sure, my flaws are more moral and psychological than physical, but I know what it is like to be a freak.

Here are some painful memories from the set of Taboo 22, shot in 2007:

Throughout the day, Ava [Rose] says to me, "Luke, you’re not an animal."

DCypher: "Despite what other women have said."

Luke: "Despite what Holly says."

I first saw The Elephant Man at Pacific Union College around 1980. They presented a specially edited version with some of the naughty bits cut out. I was not sure what was redacted, but I told my friends that night that in the real version, the Elephant Man had sex with the Anne Bancroft character.

Tonight I got to see the real version for the first time. There was no such sex.

I wonder what my dirty little mind was so preoccupied with when it was only 14? How could I have imagined such a monstrous thing?

Anyway, despite my flaws, I am not an animal.

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