When Do You Leave A Relationship?

David Deida says in a chapter for men: "If it is time for your intimate partnership to come to an end because you have outgrown it, then you will most likely feel a mixture of pain, grief, sadness and love, as if your lover had died. If, however, your intimacy ends with much conflict, hardness, emotional closure and and lack of communication, then you have probably not outgrown your relationship, you’re just bailing." (Pg. 143 of Intimate Communion)

From page 169: "Whereas the Masculine is either going deeper or pulling away, the Feminine is either opening or closing."

From page 171: "To tell a man with a Masculine sexual essence that he is lost — to question his direction, whether it is his financial, creative or spiritual direction, or even just his ability to find his way in the car — has the same depolarizing effect as telling a woman with a Feminine sexual essence that she is drab, wrinkled or not very radiant. It causes an almost tangible collapse, repulsion or contraction to occur."

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