The Odor

"I’ve got everything," he said to her. "I’ve got a weirdly comfortable bed. I’ve got chocolate almond milk. I’ve got a big bag of parsley in the frig. I’ve got a candle going for the Maccabee children."

"What?" she said.

"Just kidding," he said. "It’s not a religious candle. It’s just a candle.

"I’ve got groovy yoga tunes playing softly on my computer. I’ve got a foot vibrator and an air purifier. I’ve got a table to do Alexander Technique. All I need is an odor."

"What?" she said.

"A fragrance. What smell do you want here? I’ve got everything else you need. It’s clean."

"Prison clean," she said.

"What do you want it to smell like when you come over? I could burn incense."

"Don’t. That would make me sneeze."

"Well, what odor do you want? I won’t put up any idols but I’ll provide the smell you want."

"I just want it to smell like it does now — of you.

"What is it you like about sex? It is the smell?"

"It’s not the smell," he said. He hated the smell of sex. "It’s the penetration. I feel like I’m entering your heart. It’s the control. The power. I feel like I have power over you when I’m inside you. I feel like I can pick you up and move you around and make you scream.

"Why am I so obsessed with power? I told you the two key components to my fantasies — that I feel powerful and that I can inflict pain. Why would someone be obsessed with fantasies of power? Because they felt so powerless as children.

"A powerful man does not fantasize about power. He’s more likely to seek a release from power. When I’ve dated powerful women, they’ve wanted to be relieved of their power. They wouldn’t let me drive their fancy cars, but they would let me drive them around the bedroom. They wanted me to take control and force them to experience pleasure, to open themselves up. That makes me feel like a Greek god."

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