Toxic Whiteness

ESSAY: I first came across the term ”White Privilege” about five years ago in an article in the Telegraph which was a response to Laurie Penny’s (surprise surprise) attempt to bring the idea into popular discourse in Britain. It was one of those occasions when you knew instantly an idea or policy is bad news, understanding the term itself and the theory of White Privilege was to be made aware that the enemy had been working on a new weapon which was in the process of being tweaked and polished before being rolled out onto the meta-political battlefield.

…And now it has.

White Privilege Theory emanates from the ”Social Science” wing of modern leftist thought, this is the field of study which has given us the tragic and insane ”Social Justice Warrior”. The standard response to White Privilege theory of the Ethno-Nationalist is to reject the entire premise out of hand, non-whites cannot be oppressed by whites if they are no longer living in our countries. Furthermore, the existence of White Privilege Theory as a valid subject within academia undermines the premise of the theory because if the society was directed toward ”privileging” whites above everyone else then why haven’t whites shutdown such studies?.

Like all other forms of Neo Marxist/Critical Theory, White Privilege was born on the American university campus and spread throughout the former white world, there’s even articles being written in Irish newspapers lambasting the Irish for their failure to recognize their privilege and how it disadvantages ‘people of colour’. Whether we like it or not, tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of white teens are now studying Social Science and White Privilege Theory and Critical Whiteness Studies(CWS). But what is it? what are they telling these kids and what will the effects of this field of study actually be on these fragile young white minds?

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