The Alt-Right Is Racist, Xenophobic & Anti-Semitic

Greg Johnson, founder of, says in this recent Swedish podcast: “The Alternative Right was started by certain white nationalist donors and organizers as an entryist vehicle into the mainstream conservative world for the purpose of interacting with it, deconstructing it, and subverting it to convert people to a racial outlook.”

“In the past couple of years, the term has been bubbling up all over. It is a useful term. Why? Because it is vague and generic. You can say you are Alt-Right because you don’t believe what mainstream conservatives believe. You can talk to white nationalists but you don’t have to take on that name. It’s like an intellectual salon where people can circulate around without taking on stigmatized names. They’re playing footsie with it [white nationalism and anti-Semitism]. It’s like a revival meeting. You set up a big tent and your bring people in and preach the gospel to them.”

“This only works if the term is vague and if people who aren’t us show up. The only way a movement grows is by encountering people who don’t already belong to it and getting our message to people who don’t already believe our message. We’re going to be associating with normies. They aren’t awakened yet.”

“There is a tendency in the Alternative Right to not be welcoming of that. Let’s face it — we are a racist and xenophobic movement. There are a lot of [WNs] who are xenophobic about all these outsiders identifying with the Alt-Right… We have to cool it with the xenophobic remarks if we are to make this thing work.”

“Some [WNs] think the Alt-Right is not our vehicle into the mainstream, it is the mainstream’s entry into us. It is a danger. We’ve set up a porous boundary.”

“We’re never going to have an Alternative Right unless we have lots of people showing up to it who are clueless about it. ‘I’m Alt-Right and that means I’m an anti-racist and cultural libertarian and I am sick of Social Justice Warriors.”

“As long as we can make the Alternative Right work for us, great. When not, burn it down.”

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